Fractie Vrijspraak

For valuable, accessible, and modern studying

Student Party Vrijspraak represents all TLS students in the School Council. The number 1 and 2 on the electoral list, Wauter Setz (20) and Naomi Kuijpers (24) will commit themselves to valuable, accessible, and modern studying. Concrete topics include: less compulsory attendance, more minors, and online alternatives to physical textbooks. Naomi: "All TLS students can reach us through the online and physical complaint box, through Magister JFT and by addressing us.

For valuable, accessible, and modern studying

In the School Council, the School Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, adjust the Board’s plans, and introduce their own proposals. Vrijspraak is one of the two parties competing for student seats.

Feeling at home within the School

Naomi studies Public Administration and is Official Secretary of Magister JFT | Juribes: “I have always wanted to get involved with others and think it is important that every student is heard as much as possible and feels at home at our School. To be able to contribute to that in the School Council seems very nice.”

Law student, Wauter: "This academic year, I am the Commissioner of Education at study association Magister JFT, of which Party Vrijspraak is part. In that position, I am already supporting students. One of the ways I do that is by maintaining contact with the School. I think it will be interesting to continue helping students later on in the Council, representing their opinions and making sure everyone feels heard.”

Valuable studying

Party Vrijspraak enters the elections with a program based on the three pillars: valuable studying, accessible studying, and modern studying. Wauter: "The first pillar includes encouraging students to do things besides their studies. Such as office visits or a board year. Because of the attendance requirement for the Moot Court course, for example, students get caught up with activities outside their studies.”

Naomi: "Taking a minor is good for increasing and expanding your knowledge. Not every program within TLS has minors, and otherwise the range offered is far too limited. The current group is already working on this, we will continue with it.” This pillar also includes the desire for more flexible study with online and recorded lectures.  

Accessible and modern studying

Accessible studying then. Naomi: “This includes being able to fully participate in a study program and having access to all materials. So pricey literature should also become available online at reduced rates.” “Accessibility could also be improved for international students,” Wauter adds. “The English version of the website is less comprehensive than the Dutch one, we would like to do something about that.”

And modern studying? Wauter: “Our education does not always match what is possible. You don't ask a lawyer to solve a case using only his law book. That should also be better addressed in law studies.”

Go vote!

“Do you want to be represented on the School Council?" asks Naomi. “Then cast your vote. Party of Vrijspraak has a lot of experience, and we'd love to get going for you!” 

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Candidates Party Vrijspraak

  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Wauter Setz

    Wauter Setz

    Candidate #1
  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Naomi Kuijpers

    Naomi Kuijpers

    Candidate #2
  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Naomi Kuijpers

    Nynke Hamburg

    Candidate #3
  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Quin Nijdam

    Quin Nijdam

    Candidate #4
  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Bo van Gerwen

    Bo van Gerwen

    Candidate #5
  • Fractie Vrijspraak - Kyra Kap

    Kyra Kap

    Candidate #6
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