Fractie Vrijspraak 2021

Student Party Vrijspraak in the Faculty Council - 2021 elections

The syllabi-check, more guidance in choosing a minor and more variety in minors within Law. These goals have been achieved thanks to party Vrijspraak. Allisha Hosli (21) and Karolina Blaszczyk (19) are on the electoral list of the student party for the Faculty Council elections. Karolina: "Currently, I am a student representative for Global Law. I am convinced that I can achieve even more sitting in the Faculty Council."

"Take students' opinions in consideration when shaping hybrid education

The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research to the Council. Students and employees each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to make adjustments to the Board’s plans and to bring in their own proposals. Party Vrijspraak is one of the two student parties participating in the elections for the Faculty Council TLS.

Influence on faculty policy

Allisha is the list leader of party Vrijspraak and, like Karolina, studies Global Law. She is doing a full-time board year this academic year with Magister JFT, the faculty association of Tilburg Law School. "I'm involved in PR and mentoring 1st year students. I see a lot of things that could be better. Because of the pandemic, many 1st year students in particularly find studying difficult. I want to help them and influence the faculty policy from the council." Public Administration, Law and Business Law are also represented in the first five spots on the election list of Vrijspraak. Vrijspraak operates as a fraction of Magister JFT and has been representing the students of TLS for thirty years. The constituency within the faculty is therefore large.

Higher quality online education

For Karolina, it is suspenseful whether she will be in the council or not, she candidates at place five. "I am good at interacting with people, everyone likes to talk to me. I am a good listener and want to convey students' opinions to the faculty and the board. Something similar I already do as a student representative of students at Global Law." Allisha is also proactive. "I dare to look critically at policies." She plans to work from the Faculty Council next year to ensure a good transition from online to hybrid education. "I'm curious how the Board wants to shape this. The opinion of students must be taken into account." She will focus especially on current 1st year students and premaster students. "For everyone, online lectures work well, but we need physical work groups." Karolina agrees. "The need for physical education is huge. The differences in quality in online teaching are great. Some teachers do it very well, with informative knowledge clips, for example, but others are not so adept at it. I hear that instructors help each other with this and hope that this will continue and the quality of online education will continue to rise." 

Multiple assignments for final grade

Another topic they want to improve is the communication between faculty and students and between faculty and associations. The quality of education also has their attention. Allisha: "Evaluations are important for faculty, but they are filled out by few students and then usually only by the students who only report their complaints and no tips and suggestions are given while these too can contribute to the quality of education." Increasing the number of assignments that count towards final grades for courses is also a point for attention. Karolina: "In several studies within TLS, many courses end with an essay assignment that determines one hundred percent of the final grade. If you are not good at that, you have a problem. We are in favor of multiple types of assignments."

Candidates Party Vrijspraak