Fractie Vrijspraak 2022

Student Party Vrijspraak in the Faculty Council

Better representation for international students and extended guidance on studying law literature and case law. These are some of the topics student party Vrijspraak will address in the Faculty council TLS. Gijs van Voorthuizen (third-year Dutch Law) is number two on the election list. Jahnavi Tomar (first-year Global Law) holds sixth place.

For more inclusivity and transparancy


Jahnavi (20) comes from Germany. She is confident that she has the skills to be a good student representative. “I am a team player, I work hard and I am honest. I have studied in three different school systems and spent two years as an international student in New Delhi, which makes me fully understand the struggles of being an international student and moving countries. I hope to represent international students and be a medium in manifesting their concerns and wishes for the upcoming academic year.” 


Gijs (23) is Dutch, has a broad network and experience in both on-campus and online studying. He is active in the study association Magister JFT and wants to do something for all students of Faculty TLS. “I see and hear a lot that can be improved and have good ideas how to do that. I am easygoing, students like to talk to me. I like to collaborate with others with respect for their opinions and visions.” 

Welcome to give input 

Student party Vrijspraak is part of Magister JFT. The election list contains students in Dutch Law, Global Law, and Public Governance. Students and staff both have seven seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT, and present their own initiatives. Jahnavi: “We organize international lunches where we discuss common issues, a report is then made and given to the education committee” Gijs adds: “And students can give us input by talking to the candidates, by putting their ideas in our complaint box or attend open party meetings.” 

Their voice in the council 

If elected, Jahnavi will make sure the representation of students in the Faculty council will be more inclusive. “International students should have equal representation as Dutch students. I will be their voice in the council. I also want to increase the transparency and communication between professors and students by incorporating feedback classes for successful exam preparations and overall confidence in the whole process. I want to open avenues and encourage online students, to take more initiative in on-campus student life and have a more active role in on-campus events for and by students.” 

More, instead of one big exam 

Gijs explains why it is important to extend the guidance for students in how to read and study law literature and case law. “We do get this guidance as first-years but more tutoring is necessary. The literature is complex and the skill to read and scan it properly and efficient is something we need for now and for later in our jobs. I am sure it is possible to add extra tutorials once every two or three weeks.”

Another topic he feels strongly about is exams. “A few courses have multiple exams which add up to one grade, but a lot have only one big exam at the end. This puts a lot of pressure on students. More exams in one course will improve students' grades.” 

Check out the candidates' profiles

Candidates Party Vrijspraak

  • Florine Linnenbank

    Florine Linnenbank

    Candidate #1
  • Gijs van Voorhuizen

    Gijs van Voorthuizen

    Candidate #2
  • Luuk Oor

    Luuk Oor

    Candidate #3
  • Tirza Reezigt

    Tirza Reezigt

    Candidate #4
  • Maartje Laarhoven

    Maartje Laarhoven

    Candidate #5
  • Jahnavi Tomar

    Jahnavi Tomar

    Candidate #6
  • Hidde Dreverman

    Hidde Dreverman

    Candidate #7
  • Martijn Bernaards

    Martijn Bernaards

    Candidate #8
  • Floris Prins

    Floris Prins

    Candidate #9
  • Roald Sterk

    Roald Sterk

    Candidate #10

What did we achieve?

Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT, has been representing all students at TLS for over 30 years. Because we combine all student participatory organs into one party (the Faculty Council and the Program Committees), supported by a board, we can truly bundle our strengths and pick up more tasks, rather than solely focussing on individual tasks. Through this structure, we have been able to represent the students and to give them a voice, as you can see in our achievements below. For a student party that truly puts your vote to use and that motivates, guides and prepares students for the future, vote Vrijspraak on April 12th, 13th and 14th! 

If you want to read more about our student party and our position in the elections, check out our website at (in Dutch).

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