University Council Tilburg University

The Council is a significant discussion partner of the Board and has formal influence on the university’s policies and procedures.

The Council reviews decisions proposed by the Board, identifies issues that play an important role at the university and, wherever necessary, addresses matters that come to its attention. In this way, the University Council contributes to a healthy and balanced division of interests and influence within the university.


The Council and the Executive Board meet approximately six to seven times a year. These meetings are open to the public.

Agenda and documents University Council  (login required)

Regulations University Council   (in Dutch)

University Council members

The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students of the university. 


The University Council consists of nine employees. They are chosen in biennial employees elections among all employees. 

Fractie Onafhankelijken

Fractie TiU-International


The University Council consists of nine students of the university. They are chosen in annual students elections among all students.

Student Party Front

  • Mrs. Paula Schrijver
  • Mrs. Ireen van der Weerden
  • Mr. Lars van Loenen
  • Mrs. Demi Schaap

Student Party SAM

  • Mrs. Veronique Coenen
  • Mrs. Lisa Wintjes
  • Mr. Wouter Jansen 
  • Mrs. Frederique Tops
  • Mr. William Duke 


If you want to know more about the work of the University Council or if you want to raise an issue, please contact