Employee Group Lijst TSHD to take part in Faculty Council elections

Naomi Kamoen and Karin Slegers of Lijst TSHD are highly motivated to involve employees in what is going on in the Faculty Council. They are number 1 and 2 on the electoral list. Karin: I like to act as a bridge between employees, students and the Faculty Board. We have the right of codecision, so we make sure that the perspective of the staff members is included in the decisions.

For continuity and a fresh look

Karin is a university lecturer at the Department of Communication and Cognition. She mainly teaches within the New Media Design track within the Communication and Information Sciences programme (CIW). Naomi is a university lecturer at the same department and teaches mainly within the Communication & Cognition track. She is a member of the Faculty Council and would like to continue for another term.

As a newcomer two years ago, it took some time to get to grips with the files and the work. I still like to think along with the MT and to talk to colleagues about how they think about certain things. It's also good for continuity if a number of the Council members remains for another term’.

I want to add a fresh look. She says: 'I have sat on the Faculty Council as an AIO in Maastricht and as a lecturer in Leuven. I am an advocate of democracy in the workplace and think it's important that all employee groups are represented on the council'.

Dialogue leads to a diverse picture

Naomi explains the importance of the dialogue between staff and students that takes place in the Faculty Council. When the different groups talk to each other, a diverse picture emerges. It also helps to clarify how things are going in certain departments and disciplines within TSHD. On this basis, we think along with the Faculty’s Management Team’. The members of the Lijst TSHD group maintain contact with their supporters in various ways and thus contribute to the dialogue between employees.

Naomi: 'During the departmental meetings I collect feedback from colleagues on topics that are discussed in the council. We also exchange opinions in our whatsapp group'. At the moment there are also representatives of the DCA and DCU departments on the Council. Of course, we do not yet how that will be after the elections. But in any case, we want to represent all employees of the entire TSHD faculty'.  

Digitisation at a rapid pace

Among other things, the council is concerned with digitisation. Because we all work from home and lecture online now, new issues arise and digitisation is gaining momentum,' says Karin. How far do we go in online education, for example, which tools do we use, what is the impact on work pressure, and what about privacy? All instructors can now participate in the discussion, which will help us to define a vision for the future'.

Another topic that plays a role is the 'paperless is more' that has been introduced. Naomi: 'Students can deliver everything digitally, but how do you organise that for a poster presentation? Do we do that using a beamer, but who should take care of the beamer, the student or the lecturer? And how do you organize an exam review with several students at the same time? These are all questions that we consider in the Faculty Council'.

Contact details

Please contact the candidates for additional information.
Naomi Kamoen at N.Kamoen@tilburguniversity.edu and Karin Slegers at K.Slegers@tilburguniversity.edu.

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    Naomie Kamoen

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