TSHD Divers: for a strong and diverse Faculty Council

By joining forces, TSHD Divers intends to increase diversity of representation in the faculty council. The candidates on the TSHD Divers list are not bonded by a singular program or department, but by the realization that what the faculty council requires most, is to hear voices from staff in various fields and in various positions. We will only be able to successfully contribute to building our faculty’s future if we are aware of each other’s opinions and respect each other’s strengths and ambitions.

TSHD Divers is the only list for the TSHD Faculty Council with representatives from different departments in TSHD

In the coming years, our faculty faces a number of important challenges and continued transformation. The Faculty Council is the most important participation body in the faculty and will play a major role in this period. Strong faculty council representatives with a diversity of ideas are required to critically address the Faculty Board’s decisions and to propose innovative solutions.

Every candidate on the TSHD Divers list commits to active participation in the Faculty Council and has an open mind and door for all staff members in the faculty.

The top four candidates on our list are:

  • Stem voor Elisabeth Huis in ’t Veld van TSHD Divers bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld

  • Stem op Geno Spoormans van TSHD Divers bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Geno Spoormans

  • Stem op Filip Buekens van TSHD Divers bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Filip Buekens

  • Stem op Mirjam de Haas van TSHD Divers bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Mirjam de Haas


The list is completed by Michał Klincewicz (5), Chris Emmery (6), and Emmanuel Keuleers (7).