Strategisch plan 2027 | 26-4-21

Tilburg University strategy: Setting out together for 2027

In 2027, the University will celebrate its 100th anniversary. With a new strategy towards our centennial, we are preparing for the future and anticipating challenges and developments in our society

This new strategic plan, with the vision and focus for the development of Tilburg University in the coming years, is something we create together. The Executive Board (EB) invites everyone in our academic community, scientific and non-scientific staff, students, alumni, and external partners, to participate. This website offers an overview of all activities and how you can participate.

Formation of the strategy

Based on the reason and starting points, we determine our vision, mission, and core values and enter into dialogue with each other about them. At the same time, we are also working on forming the Schools’ strategic plans. This will result in a strategy that will be presented at the New Year's meeting in 2022.

Think and act

Let your opinion be heard, share your analyses! Even if it is only by giving a reaction to the first proposals and documents. Or by dropping by in the specially designed meeting room: once again, feel invited to contribute your thoughts.

Submit your idea

Our planning

January–April 2021

Preparation process

Read the reason and principles


Proposal mission, vision and core values

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Spring 2021

School strategies
School strategies are being drafted that will be the input to the Tilburg University Strategy.

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April - October 2021

Discussions are held with:

  • Extended Leadership Team
  • Executive Board and Deans Cosnultation 
  • Education Portfolio Holders’ meeting 
  • Research & Impact Portfolio Holders’ meeting
  • Directors' meetings  and
  • Other bodies
April - October 2021

10x10 sessies

The Executive Board will engage in 10 discussions with groups of students, staff, and alumni

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July 2,  2021 (12:45 -16:00 hrs)

Speech 2027

Presentation of deliberation tables, in discussion together

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July - October

Strategy room (K7)

On Fridays, you will find colleagues there who are closely involved in the formation of thestratey. You even have a chance of running into members of the Executive Board here. So stop by and get involved.

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Augustus - November 2021 Elaboration and decision making
January 10, 2022

New Year's Meeting

  • Presentation of new Strategy
Strategisch Plan Speech 2027