The core mission of our university is to develop, transfer, and implement scientific knowledge and skills necessary for its development.

We are a close-knit, open and inclusive, international community where people and the human dimension are paramount. Within Tilburg University, all members of our scientific community feel safe, recognized and valued, and can allow their talents to flourish fully. You belong not only during the course of your study program, but during your entire life. We are a university that people love to come back to. We are a university that inspires you as a student and wants to continue to do so. That is why we will call attention to the possibilities of offering our education also to new target groups.

We are connected to our regional environment and work together with social partners to develop new scientific insights and solutions. Tilburg University is a humanities and social sciences university in the heart of Brabant, embedded in Europe, and connected to the world. A university to be proud of.