Speech 2027

Strategy: Speech 2027

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Link volgt

On July 2, Speech 2027 will take place. A hybrid (online and offline) meeting to which everyone is invited. The deliberation tables will present the outcomes of their dialogues. Together, we will engage in discussion and use this outline as concrete input for the strategy.

In 2027, the University will celebrate its 100th anniversary. With a new strategy towards our centennial, we are preparing for the future and anticipating challenges and developments in our society. This new strategic plan is something we create together. Speech 2027 is one of the ways to contribute to the strategy, so participate and share your ideas!

You can watch Speech 2027 online.

More information will follow soon.

Think and act

Let your opinion be heard, share your analyses! Even if it is only by giving a reaction to the first proposals and documents. Or by dropping by in the specially designed meeting room: once again, feel invited to contribute your thoughts!

  • 10x10 sessions
  • Deliberation tables
  • Speech 2027
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