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Facility Services

Facility Services provides services in the areas of real estate, campus development, sports facilities, safety, health and environment, purchasing and contract management, conferences and events, document management, mail and logistics and management support. This provides students, staff and visitors with a working and learning environment of a high quality that enables them to achieve their ambitions in learning, teaching, research and making knowledge available to society.

Facility Services takes care of the real estate management, campus development, sports facilities, student housing, document management, campus logistics, management support of the units, BHV, crisis management, ARBO & environmental care, purchasing and contract management, the direction of cleaning, grounds maintenance, security services and the catering industry, among other things, on TilburgU's campus. 

The division works with 200 own employees and approximately 300 external employees and under direction. These include sports instructors, trainers, cleaning, catering and project support. 

How is Facility Services organized?

The Facility Services division consists of six departments

Real Estate Management

This department is concerned with real estate. This includes real estate planning, campus development, leasing and space standardization, building maintenance, energy management and service, new construction and renovation projects, Facility Service Desk and Conference & Event Support.

Safety & Document Services (S&DS)

S&DS provides services in the areas of security, postal affairs, in-house emergency response and key management. In addition, the archive is housed in this department and they are contract owner of the Online Print Shop (Studio).

Procurement & Contract Management (P&CM)

P&CM ensures implementation of university-wide procurement policies, has contract management over university-wide procurement contracts, and is functional manager for the ordering portion of the procurement portal.

Policy, Innovation en Development (PID)

PID forms the policy staff of FS and provides policy support to the various departments of FS, and participates in university-wide projects and programs.

University Services & Schools Management Support (US&S MS)

US&S MS coordinates management support at the university by providing support in the areas of training, knowledge sharing, unification, and HR issues.

Sports Center

The Sports Center provides a wide range of sports, extensive accommodation, close to campus, wide opening hours and lots of fun.


The Facility Service Desk is the central point of contact for questions, requests, reports and orders relating to facility matters

Location Tias building, room T315
Phone  (+0031 13 – 466) 3700
Opening hours Monday - Friday  08:00 - 16:30  (telephone accessible)