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Philip Eijlander Diversity Program

“Our research focuses on identity in big European cities. The program also contains a literary part: we study novels and the lives of the characters in those cities." Read about Odile Heynders professor Comparative Literature and the role of literature in society.

"Authorities and private parties have an increasing range of ways to monitor citizens. But how does this relate to civil rights?" Read what Eleni Kosta, professor of Technology Law and Human Rights, tells about her mission to protect civil rights.

"All human behavior is regulated by the brain. You can change behavior because you can change the brain." Read what Margriet Sitskoorn, professor Clinical Neuropsychology, tells about behavior and brain plasticity.


The Philip Eijlander Diversity Program (PEDP) increases the proportion of women in higher academic positions, by creating extra positions on the level of assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. These extra positions advance the competence areas that the Schools focus on in their research agenda’s, as stated in the Strategic Outline 2018-2021, and help achieve the objectives of 25% female full professors and 40% female associate professors in 2020. The overall goal is an inclusive work climate where quality prevails. Equal opportunities for all will lead to capacity building and a fair representation of women.


PEDP aims to scout and attract extra-ordinary talent in academia. As such the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program can be seen as a quality label. This implies that only fully qualified scholars will be appointed. If Tilburg University fails to spot them, then the vacancy won’t be filled until another opportunity arises.

Effect PEDP

Ten years ago, only 8% of the full professors at Tilburg University were women. 13.5% of the current female professors has been appointed via PEDP. Partially due to the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program, almost 1 in every 5 full professors is female.' The PEDP fellows contribute to TiU’s impact themes: Towards a Resilient Society, Health and Well-Being, and Creating Value from Data. Some laureates also develop our knowledge on diversity. For instance, prof. Maureen Sie initiates the course Discovering Diversity for Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Advantages of the appointment

  • Appointment for 5 years, with the perspective of subsequent promotion (if applicable) and a permanent contract.
  • We envisage a full time appointment, or at least of 0.8 fte.
  • A start-up research grant of 10.000 euro.
  • Research Support after Pregnancy Leave.
  • Participation in the Tracks coaching program for career strategies.
  • Read more about the advantages.

Three full professors tell us about their expertise on YouTube



Diversity and inclusion are central themes in the research and teaching of Juliëtte Schaafsma, professor of Cultures in Interaction. As a social scientist, her interests lie broadly in cultural diversity and interethnic relations, processes of social in- and exclusion, and intergroup hostility and reconciliation.

The research and teaching activities of Federica Angeli focus on the role of inclusive business and hybrid organizations in alleviating poverty and bridging health inequalities. Because innovative business models can be crucial in tackling complex societal issues, she wishes to advance our knowledge on these dynamics.

Jenny Slatman’s chair at Tilburg University is the first in Medical Humanities in the Netherlands. Her ambition is to develop this much needed discipline, and to train and supervise students – on all levels – to be critical and productive evaluators of current health care, either as academic researcher or as professional within health care.

The following professors actively support the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program

Executive Board

"We know that a program like the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program can have a snowball effect. Of course you cannot change the entire organization overnight, but you do see things being set in motion. You are making women visible, you are showing young female students: Hey, this is a future prospect for me too! It works if you have multiple role models."

Philip Eijlander

"This is a powerful program. There are exceptionally talented women out there and Tilburg should be able to attract them through this program. It will make everybody stronger. But that by itself is not enough; this is only the beginning. It is an important stimulus. Because we will also have to make sure that the women we appoint will inspire others to likewise pursue an academic career. Young talent will need to be coached and stimulated to follow in their footsteps."


Ilja Hijink, Policymaker Gender & Diversity
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