Working at Tilburg University

Do you want to work at the best general university of the Netherlands? According to our students, we have been the best for three years in a row now. With your help, we will continue to be the best in the future!

Your career

The 2,000 or so staff at Tilburg make the university what it is: an excellent academic environment. They help to realize the university’s ambitions. Therefore, Tilburg University attaches great value to the professional and personal development of its staff. We offer training in leadership and teaching skills, personal effectiveness, and career development. At our Language Center, you can take English proficiency tests and courses to improve your oral and writing skills.

Academic career

As a scholar, you want to do the research that is close to your heart, surround yourself with inspiring colleagues, and get the opportunity to collaborate with leading institutes. You want to feel supported in your research, have modern facilities at your disposal, and receive assistance in applying for research funding. The university participates in numerous leading regional and international networks. We have the latest (digital) research and teaching facilities, for instance, the DAF Technology Lab, that combines virtual reality, technology, and science. Researchers at Tilburg University also receive an annual research budget to spend on conducting surveys, buying data, and participating in conferences, among other things.

Your colleagues

Whom will you be working with? Take a look at your department or unit and check out with whom you will be conducting research, deliberating, and collaborating.