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Open Science

Tilburg University aims for its research to be published in such a way that is freely accessible.

By sharing data, software and material, and by making peer review transparent and accessible, our researchers enter into dialog with society and raise the impact of their research. Besides this, open science, as it is called, contributes to the reliability and accuracy of the research. Also as a member of the VSNU, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, we actively pursue the further development of open science.

Certified Data Repositories

Tilburg University’s research data are stored securely, together with all the information that is needed for their reutilization and verifiability. Four of our data repositories have already received the CoreTrustSeal quality label, or its earlier version, the Data Seal of Approval. This international quality label certifies that the way the data are stored meets the quality requirements that guarantee sustainability and transparency. The data in these repositories are available for academic research.

PROFILES Registry (Tilburg University and IKNL)
LISS Panel Data (CentERdata)
DNB Household Survey (CentERdata)
Tilburg University Dataverse (LIS)