Sustainability Factory

Sustainability Factory

The Sustainability Factory is the ‘Green Office’ of Tilburg University. The Sustainability Factory is made up by a small dedicated student team, who work together with university staff to inform, inspire and engage with students, staff and the local community. We are currently working to build a community of like minded individuals who want to come together around the topic of sustainability, and match ideas, projects and initiatives. The student team carries out some projects themselves and work to support other motivated individuals in bringing their ideas to life.

Launch of the Sustainability Factory

On February 3rd 2020, President of the Executive Board Koen Becking signed the Sustainable Development Goal pledge, whereby Tilburg University joined the institutions that commit to the SDGs in their policies. At the same time he launched the Sustainability Factory. 

Lancering Sustainability factory

Themes of the Sustainability Factory 2020 / 2021

Green events

We gladly think along to support your event to become even greener.

Sustainable events at Tilburg University
Sustainable food

Will you immerse yourself with us in healthy food from farmer to plate? Less food waste and less packaging.

Sustainability healthy food
Circular economy

The recognition is growing that circular is the future! We work to reduce unnecessary waste on our campus. 

Circulair economy

Recent projects of the Sustainability Factory

Clothing Swap

Clothes…you can spend thousands of euros on them, or ... have a fresh wardrobe for free after a clothing swap! 

Clothing swap
Reusable water bottle

Why buy single-use plastic water bottles when a reusable bottle is so much better and cheaper? 

Water bottle action
Meatless Week

The impact of an (extra) meatless day is immense. And the alternatives can surely be just as delicious.

Meatless week

Ideas? We are looking for you

Do you have an idea, suggestion or question?
Send us a message and let us know !

Send us your ideas and questions

Will you help us grow our community?

Each month we aim to facilitate like minded students coming together to socialise, discuss ideas and experiences and hear more about what is going on at the Sustainability Factory.

September will be the first of these meetups which will include a pubquiz as well as an information session for interested students. Please note that due to developing COVID guidelines, this event may be online or offline depending on the advice at this time.

Sign up for our monthly meet-up! 

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