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The Sustainability Factory is the 'Green Office' of Tilburg University. It is a creative, innovative place where ideas are concretized into projects that make the University more and more sustainable, in a close collaboration between students and staff.

This may involve making our campus more sustainable, organizing an event, but also, for example, setting up a sustainability project in the context of education. The Sustainability Factory is an important initiative to help implement the TiU sustainability plan 'Towards a Sustainable University' that was adopted by the University Council in July 2019. 
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    Launch of the Sustainability Factory

    On February 3rd 2020, President of the Executive Board Koen Becking signed the Sustainable Development Goal pledge, whereby Tilburg University joined the institutions that commit to the SDGs in their policies. At the same time he launched the Sustainability Factory. We were quite happy with this moment!

    Lancering Sustainability factory

    Our Projects

    Join the meatless week event in the upcoming national meatless week in March! Our volunteers have lovingly compiled a little booklet chock full of easy, delicious recipes; all within your budget.
    Do you rather eat out? Check your special options for the week here.

    National Week Without Meat


    We work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and themes we work on include:

    • Well-being: sustainable food / a healthy campus / mental health
    • Environment: a greener campus / sustainable events / circular flows
    • Equality: human rights / participation for all / gender issues
    • Education: in which these themes are becoming increasingly intertwined.
    Green events

    Think along on making our many events greener in all areas.

    Sustainable events at Tilburg University
    Sustainable food

    Will you immerse yourself with us in healthy food from farmer to plate? Less food waste and less packaging.

    Sustainability healthy food
    Promoting good initiatives

    Will you help finding initiatives at Tilburg University and recording them?

    Inzameling geleidehond

    Are you in? We are looking for you

    Do you have an idea, suggestion or question?
    Send us a message and let us know !

    Send us your ideas and questions 

    Do you also want to actively think along / investigate / organize? We are always looking for enthusiastic co-thinkers and co-organizers.

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