Hein Fleuren

You know a lot and have very good skills, but what do you actually want to contribute? - Hein Fleuren

The Tilburg Educational Profile

Students at Tilburg University are educated to become knowledgeable, self-aware, and engaged academics, who understand society and want to play a significant role in it, driven by solidarity, entrepreneurship, a sense of responsibility, and empathy: values demanded by our society.

What does the Tilburg Education Profile mean?

The educational profile of Tilburg University is unique in the Netherlands. It is built on three pillars: KnowledgeSkills and Character. Students and alumni of Tilburg University stand out among those of other universities because a great deal of attention is/was paid to ‘character building’ in their studies. They will be well-equipped to further develop their talents, increase their knowledge, and contribute to society. The Tilburg Educational Profile is based on the Tilburg Educational Vision.

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  • Trained to be experts in their fields
  • Able to make connections to other disciplines
  • Employing their knowledge and skills towards social innovation



  • Academic skills
  • Social skills
  • Creative and innovative skills
  • Theory is connected to topical issues in society.


  • Intellectual independence
  • Critical mindset
  • Social responsibility
  • Scientific responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship

The Tilburg Educational Profile

Small-scale classes and mentoring
Developing 21st-Century Skills
Curriculum Teams
Extra (curricular) activities
Uniform annual schedule – Mobility window
Philosophy courses
Tea Kiphidze, student

I want to contribute to my country with the knowledge I have acquired.

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Tea Kiphidze
Kees van Rengs, alumnus

It’s all about the why, what is it that drives you?

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Kees van Rengs
Colette Cuijpers, lecturer

I want to mold students into critical academics.

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Colette Cuijpers

Educational Innovation at Tilburg University

The wide-ranging digitalization of society and the increasing diversity among our students call for innovation of the education we offer. Open Exploring, Connecting, Engaging en Activating configuration options Society demands professionals and leaders that can deal with changes in a flexible way and find solutions to complex problems. To educate these professionals and future leaders, Tilburg University invests in education that meets the expectations of the new generation of students as well as meeting the demands of the job market.

Exploring, Connecting, Engaging en Activating

Project implementation Educational Profile

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