DAF Technology Lab

DAF Technology Lab

This virtual and mixed reality laboratory offers unique opportunities for immersive education, innovative research, and corporate partnerships

Educational Innovation at Tilburg University

The wide-ranging digitalization of society and the increasing diversity among our students call for innovation of the education we offer.

Society demands professionals and leaders that can deal with changes in a flexible way and find solutions to complex problems.

To educate these professionals and future leaders, Tilburg University invests in education that meets the expectations of the new generation of students as well as meeting the demands of the job market.

Exploring, Connecting, Engaging en Activating

Key words in the education offered by Tilburg University are Exploring, Connecting, Engaging, and Activating. We stimulate and facilitate students and teachers to employ the latest insights in the fields of learning and technology. But we also welcome our teachers and students reflecting on and contributing to the development of efficient and effective education.

Innovation of education is in our genes
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Education employing the latest technologies

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