Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Tilburg Educational Profile: knowledge, skills, character


We believe in the power of knowledge, skills and character.

We inspire our students to make a difference and advance society.

Students at Tilburg University are educated to become knowledgeable, self-aware, and engaged academics, who understand society and want to play a significant role in it, driven by solidarity, entrepreneurship, a sense of responsibility, and empathy: values demanded by our society.

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Tea Kiphidze

'I want to contribute to my country with the knowledge I have acquired'

Tea Kiphidze, student

Kees van Rengs

It’s all about the why, what is it that drives you?’

Kees van Rengs, alumnus

Colette Cuijpers

"I want to mold students into critical academics, who can contribute something that society needs"

Colette Cuijpers, lecturer

Aswin van Oijen

"Thanks to innovative education, I have more time for interaction, discussion and reflection."

Aswin van Oijen

winnaars JADS wildlife hackaton

"My ultimate goal is to improve the world with knowledge"

Belle de Veer, student

Erik de Bruijn

"Starting a company is a great learning experience and a way to make a positive impact."

Erik de Bruijn, alumnus and co-founder of Ultimaker BV

Alkeline van Lenning

"You must remember that your own perspective is not the whole story."

Alkeline van Lenning, Professor

Sevket Kocakaya

"The university's task is to produce graduates who can make the world more sustainable. Our generation must take the lead."

Sevket Kocakaya, student

Hein Fleuren

"You can be knowledgeable and awfully skilled but what do you really want to contribute?"

Hein Fleuren, Professor

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