Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Tilburg Educational Profile

Knowledge Skills Character

Tilburg University wants to educate self-aware and engaged academics, who undertand society and want to play a significant role in it, driven by solidarity, a sense of responsibility, and empathy.

The Educational Vision and the Educational Profile of Tilburg University are built on three pillars: knowledge, skills and character. Students who are open tot his will graduate and embark on their careers as TiU-shaped professionals.

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TEP Talk Meindert Flikkema: The university as a beacon of humanity

During Night University Meindert Flikkema was the first speaker in the series of TEP talks that the Project Group for the Implementation of the Tilburg Educational Profile will be organizing in the months to come. This econometrist, affiliated to VU University and winner of many educational prizes, had 13 minutes to present his views on the future of academic education.

This TEP talk is in Dutch.

Erik de Bruijn

Erik de Bruijn: "A company can be the ideal learning environment"

In six years’ time, 3D-printer manufacturer Ultimaker’s annual turnover has grown to nearly 40 million euros, with companies like Airbus, Tesla, VW and Apple among its customers. Co-owner Erik de Bruijn laid the foundation for his company at Tilburg University.

Vlog by Student Sunday Heagbetus: ‘Character is the quality that defines us as human beings’

The ability to make well-balanced choices marks our character. The importance of sound character building is further illustrated when individuals are under great pressure, stress, or temptation. The choices we make in difficult and challenging circumstances define us as human beings, explains Sunday Heagbetus in this vlog.

Joshua Paas

Student Joshua Paas: ‘Students need to learn to be reflective and critical’

Liberal Arts student Joshua Paas has become increasingly aware of social and political issues through his experience at Cicera, the debating association. Paas believes that the university has an enormous responsibility to facilitate and guide students in their acquiring the right knowledge, skills, and (moral) convictions.

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Alumnus Simon Korthout:

"What inspires me is working with themes such as sustainability and with clients who attach great importance in it. It is fantastic that I have been able to contribute to it."

Lecturer Ellen Dreezens: How character building improves you and the world

Look at your course of study as an experience rather than as a diploma you are buying, truly reach out to others and offer them something of yourself – a smile, a compliment, a small gift - and, be your own hero. In her Last Lecture, Ellen Dreezens, lecturer in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program, shares her life lessons and offers some advice. On character building and how to make your own life and that of others a little better.