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Ninety years ago, Tilburg University was founded. One of its central and characterizing ideas was that there should be a close connection between the academic world and society. This idea is still very much alive in the way Tilburg University teaches its students and conducts its research today.

Our 90th anniversary calls for a special celebration. From September through December of 2017, many events will be organized to mark the occasion. On this website, you can find an overview of these events.

The theme of our anniversary is: 90 years of connecting people and knowledge.

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Apply as a volunteer

Would you like to help make a success out of the anniversary events? Apply as a volunteer here! You can come and help the organization of the events with the preparations, the tasks during the event and the cleaning up afterwards.

Emile en Koen, college van bestuur

Lustrum Contact

Kim Ardon: 013 466 8986

Linda Parasiz: 013 466 3348