Tilburg University 90 years

Events Lustrum

  • 26 Oct 201715:00

    For and by students from all over the world. Get to know and explore each other’s cultures. Read more

  • 08 Nov 2017

    Human Library Tilburg
    Visit the Human Library in Tilburg on November 8, 2017. Instead of a book, you can borrow a 'person' and hear their life story. The many different 'books' that you can talk to include a refugee, an orphan, a transsexual, people with a handicap and people who have a peculiar lifestyle. The Human Library aims to take away prejudices and stimulate social cohesion. Read more

  • 16 Nov 201709:15

    University Battle
    Are you ready to do battle? Bring out your sports shoes and put your sweatbands in your bag. We will start the day of our 90th anniversary with a sports battle so we can start the big celebration day fit and ready. Let’s go for it! Read more

  • 16 Nov 201713:00

    University's got Talent
    Do you have a special talent and do you want to show this to an audience? Or do you just want to discover new talent? Then don't miss University's got Talent! Read more

  • 16 Nov 201715:30

    The 90th Dies Natalis
    The theme of this official ceremony will be 'The Digital Society'. Read more

  • 16 Nov 201719:00

    Night University 2017
    Night University is thé festival on the campus of Tilburg University. During this fun event the university brings science and society together because science is for everyone! Read more

  • 16 Nov 201723:30

    Closing Party Night University
    The closing party are the last hours of Night University and we finish with a great performance of a widely known artist. This year the closing party is also the finish of the 90th birthday of Tilburg University! Read more

  • 17 Nov 2017

    Tilburg University On Tour
    A chance for (high) school children to meet our professors in the city during a lecture at one of Tilburg University On Tour locations. Science is for everyone! Read more

  • 18 Nov 201714:00

    Alumni Day: Stay connected!
    Re-live your student days! We invite all our alumni at the alumni day November 18th. Read more

  • 06 Dec 201714:00

    Language and Culture Afternoon
    Have you always wanted to learn a bit of Portuguese? Or get acquainted with a new foreign language? This is possible on December 6 during the Language & Culture Afternoon. Read more

  • 14 Dec 201717:00

    Staff Anniversary Party
    We cannot let our anniversary pass without a party. The anniversary year will be concluded with a party for staff. Read more


  • Tilburg Research
    This year the Tilburg Research magazine has a special 90 years anniversary edition! Read more

  • Small Encyclopedia
    On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the university, an encyclopedia will be written that draws a picture of the university's past and present with topics arranged in alphabetical order. Read more

  • Photo Contest
    Participate in the Tilburg University Photo Contest! To celebrate Tilburg University’s 90-year anniversary, there will be a photo contest for Tilburg University students and staff. Participate and win great prizes: your photo exhibited on the campus, gift vouchers or even a Canon camera! Read more