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Towards a Sustainable University

Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society and encourages researchers, teachers, support staff, students, and stakeholders to actively contribute.

What the project has achieved

Curious about what else Tilburg University is doing on sustainability?  You can find the facts and figures on sustainability at Tilburg University in our Sustainability at Tilburg University overview.

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Do you know of a good initiative not mentioned on this page or have a good idea for an activity?  If so, please bring us up to speed.

Kees Bastmeijer Program director
Marieke de Kort  Program manager

Understanding more about these problems and contributing to solutions are central to Tilburg University's mission, vision and ambition (Tilburg University Strategic Plan 2018-2021). Therefore, we are committed to sustainability in research and education, in the daily management of the campus and in the management of our assets.

Read the Sustainability plan 2019-2021 

Sustainability Factory

  • ‘Green Office’ of Tilburg University
  • Community of like minded individuals
  • Inform, inspire and engage with students, staff and the local community
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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make it clear that the world faces major sustainability challenges. Examples include poverty reduction, ensuring health and well-being, gender equality, transitioning to clean energy, responsible consumption, restoring ecosystems, and combating climate change and its impacts.

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