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Research Profile Tilburg University

Quality, innovation, making connections, internationalization, and effectiveness drive our research and teaching. The basis is a high-quality research in the fields of Economics and management, Law, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Theology. This research meets international quality standards.

Widespread Prosperity

We are connected with society, with other disciplines, and with other cultures. We embrace diversity and we learn from other perspectives and disciplines. We encourage our researchers and students to connect at every opportunity. We work together with partners in regional, national, and international ecosystems. With our strongest disciplines joining forces, we will be amplifying our impact. Spearheading the Broad Prosperity initiative, we will in the coming years fully commit to three interdisciplinary research themes: sustainability transition, inequality, and well-being & health.

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Open Science

To ensure that the results of our research are broadly available to society at large, Tilburg University has opted for Open Science  publication wherever possible.

We also invest in our PhD students who, as the new generation of researchers, are of vital importance to the knowledge-based economy. We offer PhD programs for our own and for external PhD students and are partner in various international joint PhD programs.

Tilburg University Dataverse

The Tilburg University data policy is that the empirical data of all academic research studies that are reported in academic publications should be documented and archived in such a way that they can be replicated. But also when the data are unique in their kind and when the exact same data collection cannot be replicated (for example, because the data are related to a unique time and place), it is important to share these data with other researchers.

Please check the webpage TiU Dataverse if you want more information on the central online repository for research data at Tilburg University.