TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

TiSEM's seminars: Accounting

Seminars and mini conferences are held on Thursdays afternoon. Please contact the secretary if you need additional information about the seminars.

Upcoming seminars

  • October 31, 3.45 pm, CZ 109
    Steve Monahan (Insead)
  • December 9 and 10, Accounting Winter Camp
    with Cyrus Aghamolla (University of Minnesota), Janja Brendel (Humboldt-University Berlin), Jonas Heese (Harvard Business School), Katryn Kadous (Emory University), Thomas Keusch (Insead), and Joe Piotroski (Stanford University)
    By invitation only
  • December 12, 11.00 am, K 1203, brown bag
    Christoph Hoerner (Tilburg University)
  • February 4, 3.45 pm
    Brandon Gipper (Stanford University)
  • March 26, 1.30 pm, mini conference
    Christina Zhu (Wharton)
  • April 16, 1.30 pm, mini conference
  • May 14, 3.45 pm
    Eric So
Past seminars