TisEM - Jochem de Bresser

TiSEM's seminars: Economics

The seminars are organized by Mery Ferrando and Dajana Xani and will be held every Tuesday. If you have questions please contact P.A. Munoz.

Upcoming seminars Spring 2024

  • March 5, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Michael Waugh
    Minneapolis FED
    Title: Tba
    Host: Guzman Ourens
  • March 12, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Brice Corgnet
    Emlyon Business School
    Title: Tba
    Host: Boris van Leeuwen
  • March 13, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Johannes Boehm
    Sciences Po
    Title: Tba
    Host: Dajana Xani
  • March 19, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Jane Olmstead-Rumsey
    Title: Tba
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven
  • March 20, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Jason Sockin
    Title: Tba
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • March 26, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Alexia Delfino
    Bocconi University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • March 27, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Ernesto Reuben
    New York University Abu Dhabi
    Title: Tba
    Host: Sigrid Suetens
  • April 2, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Matthijs Korevaar
    Erasmus University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • April 3, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Jenny Aker
    The Fletcher School - Tufts University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • April 9, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Muriele Niederle
    Standford University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Jan Potters
  • April 10, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206 (Wednesday)
    Seda Ertac
    Koc University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Sigrid Suetens
  • April 17, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Erika Deserranno
    Bocconi University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • May 7, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Luigi Paciello
    Title: Tba
    Host: Dajana Xani
  • May 14, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Arthur Seibold
    University of Mannheim
    Title: Tba
    Host: Teodora Tsankova
  • May 21, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Ludo Visschers
    University of Edinburgh
    Title: Tba
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • May 22, 13:00 hrs, location: K1201 (Wednesday)
    Winnie van Dijk
    Title: Tba
    Host: David Schindler
  • May 28, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Desmond Ang
    Harvard Kennedy School
    Title: Tba
    Host: David Schindler
  • June 4, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Andrea Weber
    Central European University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Ashley Wong
  • June 18, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Marco Manacorda
    Queen Mary University of London
    Title: Tba
    Host: Mery Ferrando

Upcoming seminars Fall 2023

  • Sept 5, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Javier Miranda
    Halle Institute for Economic Research
    Title: Declining Business Dynamism in Europe: The Role of Shocks, Market Power, and Technology
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven / Dajana Xani
  • Sept 12, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Imran Rasul
    University College London
    Title: Race-related Research in Economics
    Host: Ben Vollaard
  • Sept 19, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Francisco Ferreira
    London School of Economics
    Title: Inherited Inequality: A general framework and an application to South Africa 
    Host: Emel Ozturk
  • Sept 26, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Joseba Martinez
    London Business School
    Title: The dynamic effects of income taxes in a world of ideas  
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven
  • Oct 3, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Claire Montialoux
    Berkeley UC / Science Po
    Title: Racial Inequality, minimum wage spillovers, and the informal sector. 
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • Oct 10, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Ingrid Haegele
    Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
    Title: The Broken Rung: Gender and the Leadership Gap
    Host: Ashley Wong
  • Oct 24, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Marti Mestieri
    Chicago Fed / UPF
    Title: Structural Change in Innovation
    Host: Dajana Xani
  • Oct 31, 13:00 hrs, Department Meeting location: K1206
  • Nov 7, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Lukas Althoff
    Stanford University
    Title: The Missing Link(s): Women and Intergenerational Mobility
    Host: David Schindler
  • Nov 14, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Martin Quaas
    German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
    Title: Fisheries Management from a Fisherman's Perspective: An Economic Theory
    Host: Sjak Smulders / Ben Vollaard
  • Nov 21, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Seda Ertac
    Koc University
    Title: Tba
    Host: Sigrid Suetens
  • Nov 28, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Antonia Diaz
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    Title: Tba
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • Dec 5, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Elif Kubilay
    University of Essex
    Title: Tba
    Host: Teodora Tsankova

Upcoming seminars Spring 2023

  • February 21, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Raul Llopis
    Title: Excess of Transfer Progressivity in the Village
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven
  • February 28, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Olivier de Groote
    Toulouse School of Economics
    Title: Matching disadvantaged children to daycare: evidence from a centralized platform
    Host: Bert Willems
  • March 7, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Maximilian Mueller
    Briq Institute on Behavior Inequality
    Title: Intergenerational Transmission of Education: Internalized Aspirations versus Parent Pressure
    Host: David Schindler
  • March 14, 13:00 hrs, location: K7
    Kim Ruhl
    University of Winconsin
    Title: Mitigating international supply-chain risk with inventories and fast transport
    Host: Guzman Ourens
  • March 21, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Jonas Radbruch
    Host: David Schindler
  • March 28, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Tore Ellingsen
    Stockholm School of Economics
    Title: Price Posting, Search, and Sticky Prices: A Monetary Macro Model
    Host: Burak Uras
  • April 4, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Paul Muller
    Title: Tax incentives for high skilled migrants: evidence from a preferential tax scheme in the Netherlands
    Host: Teodora Tsankova
  • April 11, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Isabelle Mejean
    Title: Cost pass-through and the rise of inflation
    Host: Guzman Ourens / Dajana Xani
  • April 18, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206 Department Meeting
  • April 19, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206 (Wednesday)
    Tavneet Suri
    MIT Sloan
    Title: The (Many) Million Dollar Question: Experimental Evidence from Kenya on Universal Basic Income
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • May 9, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Anna Salomons
    Utrecht University
    Title: New Frontiers: The Origins and Content of New Work, 1940–2018
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • May 16, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Marko Tervio
    Aalto University
    Title: Pre-College Skills and Educational Wage Differentials
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • May 23, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Francisca Antman
    University of Colorado Boulder
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • May 30, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Nuno Palma
    University of Manchester
    Title: Goldilocks: American precious metals and the Rise of the West
    Host: Malik Curuk
  • May 31, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub (Wednesday)
    Basit Zafar
    University of Michigan
    Title: Understanding Gaps in College Outcomes by First-Generation Status
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • June 6, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Marcos Vera Hernandez
    University College London
    Title: Monetary Incentives and Image Motivation: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment (with Nigerian Midwives)
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • June 7, 13:00 hrs, location: C 25 Portraits room
    Ted Miguel
    UC Berkeley
    Title: Intergenerational Child Mortality Impacts of Deworming: Experimental Evidence from Two Decades of the Kenya Life Panel Survey
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • June 13, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Ana Figueiredo
    Erasmus School of Economics
    Title: The False Illusion of Wage Cyclicality
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • June 20, 13:00 hrs, location: FacultyClub
    Pierre Koning
    Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam
    Title: Tba
    Host: Ben Vollaard
Overview seminars last year

Past seminars

Past seminars Fall 2022

  • Sept 6, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Ralph Ossa
    University of Zurich
    Title: Growth, Trade and Patents: A Quantitative Evaluation of TRIPS
    Host: Guzman Ourens
  • Sept 20, 16:00 hrs, location: via Zoom
    Lu Han
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Title: To Own or to Rent? The Effects of Transaction Taxes on Housing Markets
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • Sept 27, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Felipe Valencia
    University of British Columbia
    Title: Tordesillas, Slavery and the Origins of Brazilian Inequality
    Host: David Schindler
  • Oct 4, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Bard Harstad
    University of Oslo
    Host: Reyer Gerlagh
  • Oct 11, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Fabian Greimel
    University of Amsterdam
    Title: Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom?
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven
  • Oct 18, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Vincent Sterk
    University College London
    Title: Monetary Policy during a Cost-of-Living Crisis
    Host: Burak Uras
  • Nov 1 Department meeting K7 Paviljoen
  • Nov 8, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Christina Felfe de Ormeno
    Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg
    Title: The formation of ingroup favoritism: The role of ethnic peer composition and cultural distance
    Host: Sigrid Suetens
  • Nov 16, 13:00 hrs, location: K7 Paviljoen (Wednesday)
    Juanna S Joensen
    University of Chicago
    Title: Complementarities in College and High School Investments
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • Nov 22, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Andreas Steinmayr
    University of Innsbruck
    Title: The economics of family-based immigration
    Host: Teodora Tsankova
  • Nov 29, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Thierry Mayer
    Title: Poor Substitutes? Counterfactual methods in IO and Trade compared

    Host: Guzman Ourens

  • Dec 6, 13:00 hrs, location: K1206
    Daniele Condorelli
    University of Warwick
    Title: Buyer-Optimal Platform Design
    Host: Melika Liporace
  • Dec 13, 13:00 hrs, location: K7 Paviljoen (canceled)
    Thiemo Fetzer
    University of Warwick
    Title: Tba
    Host: Burak Uras

Spring 2022

  • March 29
    Michal Kobielarz
    KU Leuven
    Title: A Theory of International Unions with Exits
    Host: Burak Uras
  • April 5
    Do-Shin Jeon
    Toulouse School of Economics
    Title: Platform Competition, Ad-valorem Commissions and App Development
    Host: Jens Prufer
  • April 12  (Internal workshop Seminar)
    Emel Ozturk
    Title: tba
  • April 13
    Basile Grassi
    Bocconi University
    Title: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Markup Estimation*
    Host: Has van Vlokhoven
  • April 19
    Marcel Fafchamps
    Stanford University
    Title: Female Empowerment and the Intrinsic Demand for Agency: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria
    Host: Elena Cettolin
  • April 20
    Mushfiq Mobarak
    Yale University
    Title: Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation Evidence from Brazil
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • April 26, Dept Meeting 
  • May 10
    Chang-Tai Hsieh
    Chicago Booth
    Title: Romer or Ricardo
    Host: Burak Uras
  • May 17 (cancelled)
    Uta Schoenberg
    University College London
    Title: tba
    Host: Mery Ferrando
  • May 24
    Franck Portier
    Toulouse School of Economics
    Title: Does it Matter to Assume that U.S. Monetary Authorities Follow a Taylor Rule?
    Host: Florian Sniekers
  • May 31
    Frank Schilbach
    MIT Economics
    Title: The Long-Run Effects of Psychotherapy on Depression and Beliefs
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • June 7,
    Zeina Hasna
    University of Cambridge
    Title: The Grass Is Actually Greener on the Other Side: Evidence on Green Multipliers from the United States
    Host: Burak Uras
  • June 14
    Paola Giuliano
    Title: The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States
    Host: David Schindler
  • June 21
    Volker Nocke
    University of Mannheim
    Title: tba
    Host: Guzman Ourens
  • June 22
    Chang-Tai Hsieh
    Chicago Booth
    Title: Romer or Ricardo
    Host: Burak Uras
  • June 28
    Warn N. Lekfuangfu
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    Title: tba
    Host: Patricio Dalton
  • Jonathan Klick 
    University of Pennsylvania Law School 
    Title: The Ineffectiveness of ‘Observe and Report’ Patrols on Crime (joint with Marco Fabbri)
  • Nadine Ketel     
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Titel: Scaring or scarring? Labour market effects of criminal victimization (Joint with Anna Bindler)
  • Sascha Becker  
    University of Warwick
    Titel: Forced Migration and Human Capital: Evidence from Post-WWII Population Transfers
  • Timo Boppart    
    Stockholm University
    Titel: A Theory of Falling Growth and Rising Rents
  • Makoto Watanabe         
    VU Amsterdam
    Titel: Rational bubbles and middlemen
  • Kalina Manova 
    University College London
    Titel: Productivity, (Mis)allocation and Trade
  • Josh Dean           
    University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Titel: Noise, Cognitive Function, and Worker Productivity
  • Selma Walther 
    University of Sussex
    Titel: Fertility and Labor Market Responses to Reductions in Mortality
  • Lint Barrage       
    Brown University
    Titel: Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?
  • Russell Golman
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Title: The Demand for, and Avoidance of, Information.
  • Katrine Loken   
    Norwegian School of Economics
    Titel: School Environment, Field of Study and Health
  • Tanya Rosenblat       
    University of Michigan
    Titel: The Role of Memory in Belief Formation
  •  Amedeo Piolatto    
    Autonomous University of Barcelona
    Titel: Who Sent You? Extreme Voting, Transfers and Bailouts in a Federation
  • Matt Lowe         
    Briq Institute
    Titel: Now You See Me: The Returns to Visibility for Politicians
  • Rachel Kranton
    Duke University
    Titel: Deconstructing Group Bias 
  • Emanuel Vespa
    University of California
    Titel: Failures in Contingent Reasoning: The Role of Uncertainty
  • Leah Boustan
    Princeton University
    Titel: Paving the Streets of Gold: Immigration and the American Dream Over Two Centuries
  • Davide Dragone
    University of Bologna
    Title: Testing Rational Addiction: When Lifetime is Uncertain, One Lag is Enough (with Davide Raggi)
  • Manuel Garcia Santana
    University Pompeu Fabra
    Title: Investment Demand and Structural Change
  • Karen Macours
    Paris School of Economics
    Title: Education, Income and Mobility: Experimental Impacts of Childhood Exposure to Progresa after 20 Years
  • Stefano Colonnello
    Halle Institute for Economic Research
    Title: Effectiveness and (In)Efficiencies of Compensation Regulation: Evidence from the EU Banker Bonus Cap
  • Emircan Yurdagul
    University Carlos III of Madrid
    Title: Endogenous Hours and the Wealth of Entrepreneurs
  • Jon de Quidt
    Stockholm University
    Title: Can Market Design Help the World’s Poor? Evidence from a Lab Experiment on Land Trade*