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TiSEM students entered global Milgard Invitational Case Competition

Published: 11th March 2021 Last updated: 11th March 2021

This year four TiSEM students entered the global Milgard Invitational Case Competition on Social Responsibility, with teams of twenty universities competing to solve a case concerning social responsibility.

The four students from Tilburg – Faricka Merrick, Viktorija Karaliute, Martin Tielemans, and Dan Mathias Cristea – had one week to solve their case, which was about an investment decision in cruise shipping. The team went for it and received highly positive and constructive feedback on their online presentation.

Dan, Faricka en Martin share their experiences

Dan Christea
Faricka Merrick
Martin Tielemans

The University of Maryland team won this year’s edition of the Milgard Invitational Case Competition on Social Responsibility. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the competition was held online, but as an upside the finals are available for repeat viewing.