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EBEN Annual conference 2018: Doctoral Academy

The PhD workshop on CSR and Business Ethics preceeds the EBEN 2018 conference.

On June 26, young scholars (PhD students) are invited to participate in the paper development workshop.

Business Ethics is an academic debate as well as a managerial challenge. Business ethics as an academic discipline seeks to understand and improve societal consequences of business practices and to limit the negative externalities that organized production and distribution may cause. At the same time, it critically discusses the ethical foundations of markets and economic systems.

We seek contributions that discuss aspects of business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility from different theoretical perspectives, research approaches and in different empirical contexts. Besides, we invite practitioners to present current cases of challenges as well as best practices of business life.

Potential contributions may include, but are not limited to, the following research areas:

  1. The thesis of the “doux commerce” (see call for papers, special issue in BEER);
  2. Capitalism, Virtues and Well-being (see call for papers);
  3. Tilburg Ethics Case Studies Workshop (special issue in Business and Professional Ethics Journal);
  4. Catholic Social Theory and Capitalism (see call for papers);
  5. New strategies for empirical research on CSR;
  6. Risk and uncertainty in CSR;
  7. The relationship between formal and informal aspects of CSR;
  8. Tensions, conflicts and paradoxes in CSR;
  9. Ethics and Compliance;
  10. Challenges for CSR dealing with wicked problems.

On June 26, young scholars (PhD students) are invited to participate in the paper development workshop.

Conference:  27 - 29 June 2018

Website: EBEN annual conference 2018


Location: Tilburg University Campus, Dante Building

When: 26 June 2018 10:00

End date: 26 June 2018 16:00