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Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

Dutch Economists Top 40: High score for TiSEM scholars

TiSEM researchers have consistently claimed high positions in the Dutch Economists Top 40 ranking for many years now. Although in 2017 Tilburg University as a whole had to yield the top rank to Erasmus University, it still holds an admirable second place. Additionally, TiSEM scholars can boast the most influential publications of 2017.

Dutch Economists Top 40 is an annual ranking of business and economics researchers working at Dutch Universities published by the Dutch Magazine Economische Statistische Berichten (ESB). In the 2017 edition of the ranking TiSEM not only ranked very high as an institution, the individual researchers did very well as well. Nine Tilburg University researchers made it to the Top 40. Additionally, the only two women in the Economists Top 40 are from Tilburg: Els Gijsbrechts (# 13) and Inge Geyskens (# 29). Geyskens is a newcomer in the Top 40; Gijsbrechts has gone up from rank 23 to 13. Compared to last year’s Top 40, all Tilburg researchers went up in the 2017 ranking. Biggest upward moves in the ranking were booked by Oliver Spalt (from #19 to #6) and Harry Huizinga (from #29 to #14). Luc Renneboog is back on the list (at #37).