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2021 NWO Open Competition grant for Bart Bronnenberg

Published: 22nd July 2022 Last updated: 22nd July 2022

Bart Bronnenberg has been awarded one of the 2021 Open Competition grants from the NWO for his project: “Getting consumers to switch to sustainable and healthier food.”

Project description: This research seeks to understand what makes consumers buy sustainable and healthy food options. It empirically studies grocery purchases of individual consumers over the past 2 decades, during which many of such food options were introduced. The research program will disentangle three forces on the formation of food preferences: (1) personal characteristics, (2) consumption history, and (3) marketing by retailers and manufacturers. It will empirically test to what extent preferences are formed or intrinsically present, and whether the marketing strategies of firms affect long-term preferences. These findings will next be used to propose policy to stimulate sustainable food choices.