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Tilburg Center for Business Case Studies

The Tilburg Center for Business Case Studies (TCBCS) is committed to facilitate the use of cases in business education. The Center is hosted by the Tilburg School of Economics and Management of Tilburg University.

Working with business cases is educating students apply theories in complex and sometimes ambiguous management situations. Beyond this transfer also analytical skills, structuring a problem, decision making, team work and clear communication are developed and trained. TCBCS focusses on the production and use of business cases in the context of sustainability, business ethics and social impact.

Core activities

  •  Supporting faculty in the use of business cases in teaching and assessment
  • Development and production of business cases in the focus fields of TCBCS
  • Development of Business Cases for corporations, companies, non-profits and public institutions for internal Executive Education
  • Hosting and participating in case competitions
  • Distribution
  • Collaboration with international Business Case Centers

TCBCS has a board of senior practitioners and academics advisors.


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