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More information about our research can be found at the Research page Economics and Management.

Our Research Coordinator for Microeconomics is Sigrid Suetens.

Our Research Coordinator for Macroeconomics is Harry Huizinga.

Top publications

Department of Economics is pleased to announce these recent (2018-present) publications in top journals.

To view all of our department’s publications, please visit our Research Portal.

Privacy statement

In one of our current research projects, we study public attitudes towards immigration and immigration policy using anonymized data from public comments in response to different immigration policy proposals, as described in the privacy statement.

In one of our current research projects, we study the effectiveness of the student mentoring program, using anonymized student data as described in the privacy statement.

In two other projects, the researchers use data on patents. For the first, regarding policy-induced innovation in clean technologies, data on patents is provided by PATSTAT, the statistical database of the European Patent Office. For the second, regarding strategic innovation in clean and dirty technologies, data is provided by ORBIS IP, a database of Bureau van Dijk. The data used for both research projects is anonymized at the start of the research and all identifying information is permanently deleted, therefore data will not lead to an identified or identifiable natural person, as described in the following privacy statement