Department of Finance

Top Publications 2021 Department of Finance


  • Fabio Braggion, with Alberto Manconi and Haikun Zhu "Credit and social unrest: Evidence from 1930s China" Journal of Financial Economics.

  • Fabio Braggion, with Mintra Dwarkasing and Steven Ongena "Household Inequality, Entrepreneurial Dynamism, and Corporate Financing" Review of Financial Studies.

  • Julio Crego, “Why does public news augment information asymmetries?" Journal of Financial Economics.

  • Joost Driessen, with Rik Frehen, and Ricardo Barahona "Can unpredictable risk exposure be priced?" Journal of Financial Economics.

  • Joost Driessen, Frank de Jong, and Jack Kragt “The dividend term structure" Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

  • Rik Frehen, with Matthijs Cosemans, “Salience theory and stock prices: Empirical evidence" Journal of Financial Economics.

  • Luc Renneboog, with Julien Penasse and José Scheinkman “When a Master Dies: Speculation and Asset Float” Review of Financial Studies.

  • Ole Wilms, with Walter Pohl and Karl Schmedders "Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Agents and Long-Run Risk"Journal of Financial Economics.

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