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Top Publications 2021 Department of Finance


  • Fabio Braggion with Alberto Manconi (Bocconi University) and Haikun Zhu (Erasmus School of Economics), "Household Credit and Regulatory Arbitrage: Evidence from Online Marketplace Lending", Management Science, forthcoming.

  • Fabio Castiglionesi with Sonny Biswas (Bristol University), Giacomo Calzolari (European University Institute), and Tobias Dieler (Bristol University), "Asset trade, Real investment and a Tilting Financial Transaction Tax", Management Science, forthcoming.

  • Jens Soerlie Kvaerner, ""What Can Health Shocks Reveal About Bequest Motives? Evidence from a Structural Estimation", Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

  • Nicola Pavanini, with Fabian Feger (Axpo Group) and Doina Radulescu (Bern University), “Welfare and Redistribution in Residential Electricity Markets with Solar Power?”, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

  • Vincenzo Pezone, with Ulrike Malmendier (UC Berkeley) and Hui Zheng "Managerial Duties and Managerial Biases", Management Science, forthcoming.

  • Luc Renneboog, with Julien Penasse (Luxembourg), “Speculative Trading and Bubbles: Evidence from the Art Market”, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

  • Magda Rola-Janicka, with Enrico Perotti (Amsterdam), “The Good, the Bad and the Missed Boom”, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.


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