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Successful Grant Bidding in the Department of Management

The Department of Management is actively in grant applications (NWO, EU) and contract research funded by external organizations. Below it is the list of successful grant bidding in the past two years.

  • NWO-NSFC: SOUL - Sustainable Operations in Urban Logistics, PIs: Jan Fransoo, Tilburg University (NL); Lei Zhao, Tsinghua University (China); Consortium: Tilburg University, the Netherlands; Tsinghua University, China; Kedge Business School, France; Sichuan University, China; Bordeaux Metropole, France; Tianjin University, China; China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • Contract Research: PhD project on innovation implementation in healthcare, co-sponsored by Maastro and CentER, Maria Jacobs and Zilin He
  • Contract Research: Optimizing Ship Life Cycle Management (SILICA) - from supply network dynamics to optimal availability with data driven maintenance, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, NL, subcontractors: Henk Akkermans (Co-PI), Carol Ou, Sangho Chae (Co-PI), and Niels Noorderhaven  
  • NWO SSH Open Competition: Digitizing mom and pop’s supply chain: Competitiveness of independent retailers at the bottom of the pyramid, Jan Fransoo (PI); Rafael Escamilla, Simone Balvers, Guan-Yuan Wang (PhD students)
  • NWO Fieldlabs@Scale: Towards effective collaborative experimentation for mission-driven innovation, Henk Akkermans (Co-PI) and Andreas Alexiou
  • Contract Research: Scale up Digital Twins, sponsored by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management NL, in the collaboration with TNO, Carol Ou (PI), Henk Akkermans, Mylène Struijk
  • NWO/NGinfra Via AUGUSTA: Leveraging the potential of a System-of-Systems approach to infrastructure management, Wendy van der Valk (PI), Carol Ou (Co-PI), Henk Akkermans, Amin Amiri, Saskia Lavrijssen (Co-PI), and Martijn Groenleer
  • ZonMW program of Action Research Innovative Care: Action research on problematic proton therapy via improving logistic care processes, Maria Jacobs (Co-PI), Bert Meijboom, and Carol Ou
  • PLATO project, Dinalog TKI Toelsag grant, Jan Fransoo (subcontractor); Angela Acocella (postdoc)
  • NWO “Small” grant, within larger grant to Dinalog, Jan Fransoo and Frans Cruijssen (IEOR); Co-PI Angela Acocella (postdoc)
  • Tilburg University participates in Fieldlab VIA APPIA.

Objective fieldlab VIA APPIA

The objective of fieldlab VIA APPIA is to industrialize applications of AI and VR/AR within a maintenance & service context by combining the joint strengths, knowledge and experiences of project participants, analyzing together where the best opportunities lie and determining how best to arrive at valuable industrial applications.
The imaginary VIA APPIA is traveled together, using the 'data processing chain' along the way to embed either AI or VR/AR applications within operational organizations and processes.
Issues involved here include the deployment of these technologies in physical industrial environments, robustness of applications needed for operational deployment in the context of 'decision making' and large-scale knowledge capture and transfer against the backdrop of the aging population and remote working even after the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the first phase, applications will be developed through communities of practice based on shared insights. The knowledge products thus developed will then be implemented and validated within Living Labs (pilot environments within the industry). Finally, the lessons learned will be shared with the industry by setting up a WCM counter.
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Fieldlab VIA APPIA is made possible in part by: