Research at TiSEM

Impact Department of Public Governance

Apart from publishing in well-respected international scientific journals and book volumes, members of the department of Public Governance are active in providing societal impact by engaging actively in public policy debates. Examples of topics include network governance in the health sector, stability of the banking and Eurozone system, and shareholder vs stakeholder capitalism.

Recent appearances in the media include:

  • An interview at Nieuwsuur with Harald Benink about the real estate vicissitudes in China surrounding Evergrande.
  • An interview of Paul van Liempt (De Nieuwe Wereld) with Prof.dr. Harald Benink on political risks to the Eurozone (4 June 2021).
  • There has been an important policy debate in the Netherlands on the possible need of debt forgiveness towards economically sound companies which have built up a debt overhang during the corona crisis. Video platform De Nieuwe Wereld released an interview with the chief economist of ING, the owner of a shoes shop and Prof.dr. Harald Benink in which the problematic debt issue is discussed (20 May 2021).
  • Presentation of Dr. Joks Janssen on 'Welfare, prosperity and quality of the living environment' (ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) (27 January 2021).
  • Short interview with Dr. Joks Janssen on (re-)using agricultural land for nature development and housing schemes (tv program EenVandaag). (10 April  2021)
  • Opinion for Friesch Dagblad (regional newspaper) that addresses the risk of regional disparities and underlines the need to bridge the economic divide within the Netherlands (Dr. Joks Janssen together with WUR colleague prof. Bettina Bock) (16 March 2021).
  • Interview for Salon Van Gogh on the landscape development of Van Gogh National Park (Dr. Joks Janssen together with WUR colleague prof. Adriaan Geuze) (30 March 2021).