Research at TiSEM

Research Department of Public Governance

Our research focuses on issues pertaining to the public domain in a broad sense. We contribute at expanding our knowledge on, for example, the formulation, execution and effects of government policy, and the behaviour of non-market mediated actors.

Our research covers a broad array from fundamental research questions, to applied research on the public sector. In some of our fundamental research we investigate simple institutions (i.e. rewarding, punishing, communication) in competitive or cooperative environments, or how the interaction between psychological attributes and social environment shape prosocial behaviour. Applied research projects investigate the suitability of social impact bonds as investment instrument for the province of Noord Brabant, or the monetary policy of the European Central Bank. The research group encourages members to publish in top-tier international journals. To view our department’s publications, please visit our Research Portal.

Members collaborate in research networks, such as Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG), Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research (Tiber), Tilburg Center for Regional Law and Governance (TiREG), and the Sustainable Finance Lab. We are committed to the development of strong international ties through our active research network and external research grants.

Department members appear in national and international news outlets and are respected experts in translating political and administrative processes to the broad public. Members have published in popular press (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Volkskrant, Handelsblatt…) or appeared on national radio and television (RTL Z, NPO Radio 1, Een Vandaag, Nieuwsuur...).