School of Economics and Management

Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

Faculty Council

The Council is an important institution within the School of Economics and Management. Through the Council, personnel and students have a say in the research and education policy and decision-making. The Faculty Council confers with the School's Management Team six times per year.

In the academic year 2016-2017, the council is composed of the following personnel members and students (student party ECCO):

Staff members
Sebastian Dengler Bart Dierynck
Marjan Groen George Knox
Renata Sotirov Bert Willems
Pavel Cizek
Student members
Marnix Bel Mark van Wijgerden
Jona van Loenen Bas Veldhuizen
Rowan Arts Loes van Poppel
Herschvardhan Ranjalkar  

Website ECCO

Lieven Baele Willem Megens
Chairman Secretary