School of Economics and Management

Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.

Faculty Council

The Council is an important institution within the School of Economics and Management. Through the Council, personnel and students have a say in the research and education policy and decision-making. The Faculty Council confers with the School's Management Team six times per year.

In the academic year 2017-2018, the council is composed of the following personnel members and students (student party ECCO):

Staff members
Clemens Fiedler Bart Dierynck
Marjan Groen George Knox
Renata Sotirov Bert Willems
Pavel Cizek
Student members
Paulien Janssen Koen Aarns
Linda Torn Jan-Willem Tempelaar
Jodie Bosman Jansen Dennis Berens
Stefan den Hertog  

Website ECCO

Vacancy Willem Megens
Chairman Secretary