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Official opening CentERlab

Published: 05th December 2019 Last updated: 06th December 2021

Monday, December 2, was the official opening of the new CentERlab. CentERlab is TISEM's facility for conducting economic and business experiments. The lab is located in the basement of the Koopmans Building. After the opening words by Vice-Dean for Research Joost Driessen, Jan Potters, one of the founders of CentERlab, officially opened the new CentERlab by cutting a ribbon.

opening centerlab

In his opening words, Vice-Dean for Research Driessen stressed the importance of CentERlab for the School. “We started CentERlab 20 years ago. In Google Scholar, I searched for the number of hits for references to CentERlab, and I found as many as 170 articles. The oldest of these dates back to 2002, and was written by Jan Potters[1]. In it, he argues why economic experiments are of great importance.” Another thing that stands out is that the lab is used by so many different groups. Here,  Driessen observed, people from economics, marketing, accounting, finance, econometrics, etc. come together and learn from each other.

Compared to the previous CentERlab, the new one is far more extensive. The lab consists of three labs dedicated to research. Lab 1 has 65 partitioned workstations and can be separated into two sections. Lab 2 has 10 individual, fully closed-off and sound-proof cubicles, four of which have an eyetracker. Lab 3 is a group room, suitable for qualitative interviews, negotiation studies, group tasks, etc.

The current directors of CentERlab are Sigrid Suetens, Eddy Cardinaels, and Niels van de Ven.

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[1] Offerman, T. J. S., & Potters, J. J. M. (2002). Homo economicus als proefdier. Economisch Statistische Berichten, 87(4354), 264-266.

Jan Potters opent CentERlab