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Paper Bart Bronnenberg accepted for publication at Management Science

Published: 24th October 2022 Last updated: 24th October 2022

The paper “Consumer Time Budgets and Grocery Shopping Behavior” by Bart Bronnenberger, together with Econ colleague Tobias Klein, and Yan Xu from Virginia Tech (a Tilburg Ph.D. graduate) has been accepted for publication at Management Science.


We study whether and how the availability of incremental time associated with retirement and unemployment affects the types of products households buy. For this, we develop a new theoretical model of the composition and size of the grocery shopping basket subject to money and time constraints. We construct a novel household panel data set that combines purchase records for grocery goods with information on labor market status and other demographics. We use the data to document that, in line with predictions from the model, consumers buy more varieties and generally shift their spending into products that take more time to turn them into consumption experiences.