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Paper Bart Bronnenberg accepted for publication at Marketing Science

Published: 27th October 2022 Last updated: 27th October 2022

The paper by Bart Bronnenberg, together with Yufeng Huang (currently at the University of Rochester Simon Business School and a Tilburg Ph.D. graduate) on “Consumer Transportation Costs and the Value of E-commerce: Evidence from the Dutch Apparel Industry” has been accepted for publication at Marketing Science.


Why do consumers value online shopping? We demonstrate that consumer transportation cost savings are at least as important to consumer welfare as their gains from variety. To estimate transportation costs, we assemble novel micro data from the Dutch retail apparel industry and complement these data with precise locations of consumers and stores. We estimate a multiple discrete choice model to characterize consumers' choice of retailer, channel (online/offline), and purchase quantity. Our estimates imply that, in 2018, an average consumer's welfare gain from e-commerce in the apparel category is almost €470. Consumers' saving on transportation costs accounts for about 44% of this gain.