Research Group Operations Research

The OR group's mission is to develop and analyze formal, quantitative, computerized methods for improving the quality of decision-making in organizations. To test and design these methods, applications are also studied. OR is multi-disciplinary with methods ranging from mathematical programming to stochastic processes, from decision analysis to simulation, and from statistics to utility theory.

The various members of the OR group have degrees in OR, mathematics, computer science, business administration, and economics. They apply their methods to operations management and logistics in service and manufacturing, energy, environment, information systems, accounting and auditing, etc.

The research can be divided into five subfields:

  • (i) Stochastic OR (service and manufacturing systems and their performance analysis, optimal design, control, and maintenance; queuing theory, probability theory, Markov chains, and stochastic control theory)
  • (ii) Deterministic OR (design and management of supply chains, nonlinear programming, complementarity problems, optimal control, differential games, discrete optimization, semi-definite programming)
  • (iii) Simulation (discrete-event and system dynamics, non-linear simulation models, classic and robust simulation-based optimization) & artificial intelligence (expert systems and data mining)
  • (iv) Combinatorial mathematics (discrete optimization, applications of semi-definite programming, design of computer experiments, algebraic graph theory, design theory)
  • (v) Game theory (interplay between cooperative games and operations research, logistics, analysis of covert networks, games with limited communication, revenue sharing).

However, many members work in more than a single subfield, and several joint projects with other CentER research groups have been realized.

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Education Coordinator:

Peter Borm

Research Coordinator:

Dick den Hertog