Job market

Should you be on the market this year (2019-2020)?

Ideally, most students will be on the job market during the last year of their PhD studies (typically 5th year in North America and 3rd year in Europe). In principle, you should be on the market if:

(1) you have a job market paper ready by November 2019 and you have presented it in a Tilburg University workshop by December 2019 - January 2020.

(2) you will be able to deliver a presentation on your job market paper (and discuss the other chapters in your dissertation) by January 2019.

You will need to have 3-4 (including your advisors) recommendation letters. Therefore, the ultimate decision to go on the market should be jointly made with your dissertation advisors. This requires you to be in close contact with them, keeping them informed about both your progress and your job preferences. Also, keep in touch with other faculty members to secure the necessary number of recommendation letters.