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Portraits of TiSEM staff

  • Johan van Leeuwaarden

    Prof.Dr. Johan van Leeuwaarden

    Professor of Stochastic Operations Research at the Department Econometrics and Operations Research

    “I aspire to work with students and colleagues to keep pushing the boundaries of SOR, through teaching and research.”

    Portrait Johan van Leeuwaarden

  • Carol Ou

    Prof. dr. Carol Ou

    Professor of Information Management at the Department Management

    “A good researcher will never stop re-search-ing for problems and solutions”

    Portrait Carol Ou

  • TiSEM - Arjen van Lin

    Arjen van Lin

    Assistent Professor Department Marketing

    “I want to understand retailers’ decisions and how they impact consumer behavior.”

    Portrait Arjen van Lin

  • TiSEM - Joost Driessen

    Joost Driessen

    Professor of Finance and Vice-Dean for Research

    “I want to make sure that we can keep our focus on high-level academic research”

    Portrait Joost Driessen

  • Henri van Hout

    Academic Director of the TiSEM Teacher Training programs

    (Teacher Training programs for General Economics and Management & Organization).

    "We have a great deal of expertise at TiSEM, and I feel it is important to share this expertise with the teachers."

    Portrait Henri van Hout

  • TiSEM - Linda Torn

    Linda Torn

    Student-member of TiSEM’s Management Team

    “The opportunity to look behind the scenes has given me a better picture of the work researchers do.”

    Portrait Linda Torn


Vincent Wiegerinck

Senior lecturer Department of Marketing and project leader Implementation Tilburg Educational Profile

"We want stimulate our students to be critical thinkers but also to act in a responsible way with an open mind for large societal issues."


Gijs van de Kuilen

Professor of Decision Making under Uncertainty Department of Economics

"A better understanding of how people make decisions in uncertain environments allows consumers, policymakers, firms, and other economics agents to make better decisions."


Jeroen Aben

Student member of the TiSEM Management Team

"This position is a great opportunity for me to take a look around behind the scenes, and make a worthwhile contribution as well."


Rik Pieters

Rik Pieters is the present incumbent of the Arie Kapteyn Chair (June 2016 – May 2019). This professorship is an honorable position that serves as a constant reminder of Arie Kapteyn’s signal contribution to research at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). Rik Pieters is now halfway through his term – an excellent opportunity for a midterm interview.

"I think of Arie as my main inspirer, not least because we work in the same subject area."


Monique Laurent

Professor of Combinatorial Optimization at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research and researcher at CWI

"Optimization is present everywhere: most processes in our daily lives involve some form of optimization."


Jorna Leenheer

Jorna Leenheer was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the Marketing Department in April. She will succeed Vincent Wiegerinck as Academic Director of the Bachelor’s program of International Business Administration in September 2018. "What appeals to me in particular is the personal contact with students."


Sunday T. Heagbetus

Master’s student of Economics

"I want to contribute to helping underprivileged Liberians escape poverty by empowering them academically and economically.”


Sigrid Suetens

Was appointed as Professor of Behavioral Economics at the Department of Economics on February 1.

In 2016, she received an ERC grant for her research on discrimination in ethnically diverse societies.

"Curiosity is my main motive. I try to discover underlying mechanisms by deconstructing social interaction and decisions."


Jochem de Bresser

Assistant professor Department of Econometrics and Operations Research

"If I finally succeed in developing a model that can play a role in policy making, that would really be super."


Astrid Kramer

Academic Director Business Economics

"It is important to get the best out of our students by offering education that meets individual needs."


Vincent Peters

PhD candidate

"I want my scientific research to contribute to the improvement of health care."


Ron Berndsen

Ron Berndsen holds the endowed chair of Financial Market Infrastructures and Systemic Risk at Tilburg University. He is also employed at De Nederlandsche Bank as Head of the Market Infrastructures Policy Department.

"A professor occupying an endowed chair is uniquely capable of drawing on practical experience, and that provides clear added value to the entire educational experience." 


Fizzah Malik

Master’s student of Economics (Behavioral Economics track)

"I want to work on my dream of giving as many Pakistani children as possible the opportunity to go to school.”


Jan Klein

Assistent Professor at the Department of Marketing

"It is exciting to have the opportunity to explore novel ways to reach customers and to provide actionable implications for companies."


Aswin van Oijen

Associate Professor at the Department of Management

"I strongly believe that it is a privilege to work with young people and be able to provide them with knowledge, skills, and an attitude that they can build on in the rest of their lives."


Marjan Groen

Teacher at the Department of Management

"What I would like to say to my students is: Use the full potential of your four years at university, seize that opportunity for deeper learning."


Bart Bronnenberg

Professor at the Department of Marketing

"I am mostly interested in how consumer choices can be improved by removing imperfections in product availability and information. "


Burak Uras

Assistant professor Department of Economics

"Understanding the economic implications of finance is important for designing policies that could benefit the society as a whole."


Bart Dierynck

Associate professor Department of Accountancy

"My main motive is that I always want to become better in what I do."