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Carlie Rosmalen

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    Carlie Rosmalen

    Teacher Marketing Department

    “For me, enthusiasm - both on the teacher’s part as well as on the students’ part - is key to a great learning experience.”

What are the courses you teach about?

I’m a lecturer for the Marketing department of TiSEM and teach courses for different TiSEM Bachelor and Master programs. Most courses I teach are about (some aspect of) marketing specifically, other courses take a broader business perspective.

What is important to you in teaching?

I always try to focus on two things; creating the link between the course content and business/marketing practice, and doing so with enthusiasm.

To make the course content better understandable and (even) more relevant for students, I think it is very important to put emphasis on the connection between theory, research and practice. Especially when it comes to marketing, examples are so evident in daily life and outside the classroom students are confronted with (and often even part of) concepts we teach them every day. By linking course content to these real life examples, I hope to bring the theory to life in the minds of students.

In teaching students about these connections, but also about more difficult and abstract topics, enthusiasm is another element that’s very important to me. For me, enthusiasm - both on the teacher’s part as well as on the students’ part - is key to a great learning experience. By bringing enthusiasm into the classroom, I believe that content will better resonate with students. This also allows for an open atmosphere where students feel at ease to share their thoughts, ideas and doubts. One of the best experiences in teaching to me is when the classroom turns into a brainstorm room where it feels like you’re creating ideas together with, and not just for, your students.

What motivates you?

First and foremost, I’m motivated by the opportunity to contribute in some way to students’ learning process. Being able to help students get a better understanding of theory, helping them in finding inspiration or assist in figuring out next steps for an assignment, project or study choice is one of the most important reasons for why I enjoy teaching so much. Through this process of working together, I also find myself learning from students’ perspectives on different topics. This combination of helping others develop, while also being able to continue learning myself has also been one of my main motivations to choose for this position as lecturer.  

Who is your role model?

Not a very original answer, but I do not have (just) one role model. At the marketing department, we have a team of lecturers with different areas of expertise. Working with all of them, whether junior or senior, is very helpful to my development. Especially in these early stages of my ‘teaching career’, this allows for a steep learning curve.

In addition, I have learned a lot from previous working experience at a company that creates (digital) courses for primary and secondary education. The courses were set up based on the philosophy that material resonates best when it’s designed around students’ natural way of collecting and processing information and knowledge in daily life. Both style and content of the courses were adapted to fit with students’ overall lifestyle, with emphasis on digital technology and hands-on practice with concepts and theories. The development process centered around co-creation, in which teachers and students were involved at all stages of the design process. The insights gained from this experience continue to inspire me from an educational as well as a marketing and entrepreneurial perspective.