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Julia Cleton

  • TiSEM - student member - Julia Cleton

    Julia Cleton

    Student member of TiSEM’s Management Team

    “My job is to constantly communicate the student perspective”

A brief introduction

My name is Julia Cleton, I am 22 years old, and this academic year I’ll finish my Bachelor’s of Tax Economics. In the second year of my studies, I did a board year at volunteer organization Serve the City Tilburg, where I served as treasurer. In my third year, I was a member of the University Council representing student party SAM. Then in my fourth year, I was a Student Assessor of the Executive Education Committee and therefore I am currently the student member of TiSEM’s Management Team.

How would you describe your position?

My job is to constantly communicate the student perspective. I function as a gatekeeper between the Management Team and TiSEM’s students. For this purpose, I am in close contact with TiSEM’s student associations, such as Asset, MAK, Smeetskring, EBT, and also with TiSEM’s student participation bodies. I attend all the meetings of the Management Team and try to ask myself every time what students would think. I try to bring their perspective into the discussion.

What has your MT membership brought you so far?

My position in the TiSEM Management Team is a unique one for a student. Not only do I learn a lot about how a multi-million organization is managed, how strategic decisions are made, and how the organizational structure operates, but I have also gained a lot more understanding of the workings and management of a university. I think that many students have limited insight into what is actually happening at their School. For example, if students get their grades late, they often come to the conclusion that the professor isn't working fast enough. In discussions with my fellow students, I try to show them the other side of things and, for example, explain how this may also be due to administrative aspects rather than individual efforts. I find it very valuable that, as a student, I have all this knowledge about the university. I couldn't imagine it any other way anymore. Lastly, these insights into how management teams operate are also valuable for my own professional career, as I would like to take up a similar position myself.

Why have you opted for this position?

I have always been looking for extracurricular activities besides my Bachelor in Tax Economics. My year as a member of the University Council was the highlight in this respect; I also learned a lot about the organization of our university there. After this year, I wanted to stay involved, but in a way different from student participation. In the University Council, you are one of the last people to be involved in the decision-making process whereas, in my current position, you are often involved at a much earlier stage. In addition, the work is dynamic: it has many different aspects. I also have the freedom to lead my own projects, such as the harmonization of TiSEM’s student participation bodies.

What priorities do you focus on?

My main focus is job market orientation. For example, I argue that the university should provide better information to students about their job market opportunities, and I am also very supportive of internships in the curriculum and learning soft skills, such as presentation and communication. Furthermore, I am currently focused on efforts to harmonize TISEM’s student participation. Last year, a new body, called FACT, was set up for this purpose, which is currently being implemented.

Who is your role model?

To be honest, I don't really have a role model. I prefer to see the good qualities in all the people around me, such as family members, friends, and colleagues and not just one person.

Do you have a tip and is there anything else you want to say?

If I could give a tip, it is to involve students in many processes at an early stage. This can provide new and surprising insights.
I would like to add that I’m always available to answer questions about the student perspective on certain subjects or on how to reach students. I’m always happy to help.

You can reach me at j.cleton@tilburguniversity.edu