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2019 Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence for TSHD dean Boudewijn Haverkort

Published: 10th February 2020 Last updated: 10th February 2020

Together with his PhD student Baver Ozceylan (University of Twente, UT), assistant professor Marco Gerards (UT) and Maurits de Graaf (Thales Netherlands) the dean of TSHD, Boudewijn Haverkort, is recipient of the 2019 Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence. This is an annual award celebrating a piece of work by a group or individual representing an advance in thermal analysis of electronics equipment or components, including experiments aimed at specifically validating numerical models.

NWO-TTW program

They receive this honor for their 2019 paper on A Generic Processor Temperature Estimation Method, presented last year at Therminic 2019 in Lecco, Italy . The prize, a cheque of $1000 as well as a plaque will be handed to them at the 2020 Semi-Therm conference in California, in March 2020. The paper has been written in the context of a larger NWO-TTW program on Zero-Energy Internet-of-Things, in which the authors work on low-energy wearable computing systems, which also obey temperature restrictions.