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Upcoming Events

  • 30-4-2021: DL presentation by Roi Santos: Exploring Variational Autoencoders for Unsupervised Art Attribution.
  • 16-4-2021: DL presentation by Jurgen van den Hoogen: Deep Learning Applications for Signal Classification in Fault Diagnosis.
  • 22-4-2021: CL&PL presentation by Aida Nematzadeh (DeepMind; title TBA)
  • 22-4-2021: ICAI day at JADS, featuring the KPN Responsible AI lab
  • 22-4-2021: TAISIG lecture by Lieke Gelderloos (5-6 PM)

Past Events

  • 26-3-2021: DL presentation by Georgios Vlassopoulos on transparent AI
  • 25-3-2021: CL&PL presentation: Towards animal conversation analysis by Dan Stowell
  • 19-3-2021: DL presentation by Nils Hendrix on CNNs for Automated Detection of Scaphoid Fractures 
  • 18-3-2021: TAISIG lectures by Eva Vanmassenhove and Max Louwerse (5-6PM)

CL&PL: Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics

DL: Deep Learning

Past events