Tilburg University department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


CAMPIONE: Condition-Based maintenance (EU12.000.000) OP Zuid European Union, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Province of North-Brabant, municipalities of Tilburg and Gilze-Rijen) 33 corporate partners and knowledge institutions are working together on predicting on-time maintenance. Contact person: Max Louwerse.

VIBE (Virtual Humans in the Brabant Economy) (EU 7.000.000) OP ZUID, European Union, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Province of North Brabant, and the Municipality of Tilburg 13 corporate partners and knowledge institutions collaborate on the development and evaluation of virtual humans using virtual reality and interactive AI technology. Contact person: Max Louwerse.

Di-Plast (EU 4 199 669) Using interactive data science, intelligent
analytics and smart sensoring for enabling the digital circular economy
for the plastics industry. Joint project with JADS. Contact person: Martin Atzmueller.

Nederlab (EU4.000.000) NWO Groot KNAW Meertens Institute. Nederlab, online laboratory for humanities research on Dutch text collections. Tilburg involvement: 9 months. Contact person: Martin Reynaert.

L2TOR (EU3.000.000) European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020 Consortium of European universities develop and evaluate a social robot for second language tutoring to preschool children. Contact person: Paul Vogt.

REVIGO (EU648.104) NWO Technical University of Delft, Van Gogh Museum, and Cultural Heritage Agency. REassessing VIncent van GOgh by means of digital analysis techniques. Contact person: Eric Postma.

DAF Technology Lab (EU400.000) Philanthropic donation Development of a virtual and mixed reality facility, together with sensing technologies to measure physiological and cognitive behavior. Contact person: Max Louwerse.

DATA2GAME (EU350.000) NWO University of Twente, enhanced efficacy of computerised training via player modelling and individually tailored scenarios. Contact person: Pieter Spronck.

Extracting user characteristics from linguistic data (EU300.000) private funding. Data science and computational linguistic analyses to identify user characteristics in language data.

Data Science solutions to enhance pension communication (EU250.000) Netspar/NWO Collaboration with the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Contact person: Eric Postma.

Transparency of Deep Learning (EU250.000) KPN JADS, Eindhoven University of Technology. Develop methods to make trained deep learning algorithms explainable. Contact persons: Henry Brighton and Eric Postma.

VENI (EU250.000). Why people get faint and fearful due to needles and blood. Individual grant. Joint research with Sanquin Research. Contact person: Lisanne Huis in t Veld.

MODUS (EU225.604) DFG Model-based Anomaly Pattern Detection and Analysis in Ubiquitous and Social Interaction Networks. Contact person: Martin Atzmueller.

COSLI (EU217.000) NWO Natural AI program AI for learning to communicate in interaction.

Aspasia (EU200.000) NWO Aspasia provides grants to help more female scientists progress to associate and full professorships. Contact person: Afra Alishahi.

IMPACT. Smartphone use by adolescents (EU200.000) Tilburg University Impact theme fund Joint project of DCC, DCA, and Tilburg School for Social and Behavioural Sciences, study on the relationship between smartphone use and adolescent’s health and wellbeing using logging, mobile experience sampling, and machine learning. Contact person: Andrew Hendrickson.

HADZA communication (EU177.599) EC Marie Sklodowska-Curie Project to study the development of communication among Hadza hunter-gatherers using wearable technology. Contact person: Paul Vogt.

Understanding visually grounded spoken language via multi-tasking (EUR 165,000 in cash + e-science engineer at 0.5 FTE for 2 years) project awarded in the context of the Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI) call. Contact persons: Grzegorz Chrupała and Afra Alishahi.

OpenSoNaR (EU150.095) CLARIN-NL KNAW Huygens and Meertens and several other Dutch partners. The OpenSoNaR project provided end users with the online means for extracting information from the SoNaR-500 reference corpus of contemporary written Dutch. Contact person: Martin Reynaert.

TraMOOC (EU150.000) EU, H2020 10 academic partners from the EU. Translation for Massive Open Online Courses. Contact person: Menno van Zaanen.

PICCL (EU133.000) CLARIAH KNAW Huygens. PICCL is the acronym for ‘Philosophical Integrator of Computational and Corpus Libraries’. Contact person: Martin Reynaert.

COMENIUS senior grant (EU100.000) Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) Project to integrate research and education in the context of virtual and mixed reality (DAF technology Lab). The Virtual Reality Lab participates in the execution of the project. Contact person: Marie Postma.

Data Science voor Alfa en Gamma (EU100.000) SURF Open University, platform to facilitate data science education for non-technical students. Contact person: Marie Postma.

TiCCLing Philosophy (EU80.000) CLARIN-NL University of Amsterdam, Free University Amsterdam, KNAW Huygens. A TEI corpus-building workflow towards a new computational methodology for philosophy. Contact person:Martin Reynaert.

NAMES (EU69.000) CLARIAH pilot Utrecht University, INT, KNAW Huygens. This project aims to develop a gold standard for Dutch person name variants. Contact person: Martin Reynaert.

Medical Image classification challenge (EU40.000) VWdata consortium JADS, Radboud University Nijmegen. Developing a medical image classification challenge. Contact person: Willem Huijbers.

Zwijsen project (EU20.000) Zwijsen publishers Keeping struggling students from illiteracy using design thinking.  Contact persons: Andrew Hendrickson and Emmanuel Keuleers.

EarlyWritePro (EU19.400). Developing methods for understanding early writing through analysis of process dysfluencies. 5 international universities. Contact person: Rianne Conijn.

PMD (EU12.000) Tilburg University Tilburg School of Behavioral Science (TSB), Personalize Memory Diagnostic from large scale data. Contact person: Willem Huijbers.

MRI2PET (EU1.299) Nvidea Corporation MRI to PET translation with deep learning. Contact person: Willem Huijbers.

FAINT: FAcial INfrared Thermal Imaging in the prevention of needle-induced fainting. Contact person: Lisanne Huis in ‘t Veld.