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Eritrea Expertise Center / Eritrea Expertise Centrum

The Eritrea Expertise Community consists of independent experts and professionals with specific experience and background in relation to Eritrea, Eritrean diaspora and refugees. The center of expertise encourages, supervises and coordinates research advise and consultancy in relation to the professional support to issues of refugees, migration and diaspora of Eritrean origin.

Het Eritrea Expertise Centrum bestaat uitĀ  onafhankelijke experts en professionals met specifieke ervaring en achtergrond met betrekking tot Eritrea, Eritrese diaspora en vluchtelingen. Het expertisecentrum stimuleert, begeleidt en coordineert onderzoek, advisering en consultatie met betrekking tot professionele ondersteuning van vraagstukken vanĀ  vluchtelingen, migratie-vraagstukken en diaspora van Eritrese oorsprong.


EEC Member - Mirjam van Reisen

Mirjam van Reisen

International Relations, Innovation and Care, Tilburg University

EEC Member - Eden Asmeron

Eden Asmeron

General Practitioner Trainee, Erasmus MC

EEC Member - Sennay Ghebreab

Sennay Ghebreab

Psychologist, University of Amsterdam

EEC Member - Winta Ghebreab

Winta Ghebreab

Specialist Gender Equality and Organisational Development

EEC Member - Selam Kidane Selam Kidane

Trauma specialist Eritrean refugees

EEC Member - Sjaak Kroon

Sjaak Kroon

Professor Multilingualism in the Multicultural Society, Tilburg University

EEC Member - Conny Rijken

Conny Rijken

Specialist Human Trafficking

EEC Member - Bertha Vallejo

Bertha Vallejo

Specialist Research and Education Development