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Sociolinguistics Circle 2017

The Sociolinguistics Circle aims at bringing together students and researchers of language variation, sociolinguistics and social dynamics of language with a connection to the Low Countries. The initiative organizes conferences and meetings about sociolinguistics.

The first of these was hosted by the University of Groningen in March 2014. The next edition will be hosted by Tilburg University, and will take place on 31 March 2017. For this fourth edition, we also invite BA and MA students to submit their work for (poster) presentation.

Important dates

  • Registration deadline ‒ 17 March 2017
  • Sociolinguistics Circle at Tilburg University ‒ 31 March 2017

Organizing committee (Tilburg University)

Ad Backus
Ted Hua Nie
Max Spotti
Jos Swanenberg


For questions regarding conference aims, abstract submission and programme, please write to Jos Swanenberg.


Registration fee:

  • for faculty members and PhD students: € 20
  • for BA and MA students: € 10

The registration fee covers access to the colloquium, conference materials, coffee breaks, and lunch.

Please transfer your registration fee to NL74ABNA0602142539 in the name of Tilburg University, stating the code 8414.5500 and your full name.

Please register by mailing to Jos Swanenberg.

09:00 Registration with coffee and tea
10:00 Lieke Verheijen ‒ Radboud University
What’s up with WhatsApp? The effects of social media on Dutch youths’ school writings
10:30 Lisa Hilte, Reinhild Vandekerckhove & Walter Daelemans ‒ University of Antwerp
Adolescents’ social background and variation patterns in online communication
11:00 Lysbeth Jongbloed-Faber ‒ Fryske Akademy / Maastricht University
Construction of social identities on social media
11:30 Ted Nie & Ying Lu ‒ Tilburg University
The resemiotization of multimodal resources on Chinese social media
12:00 Pitch presentations of the posters, Lunch & Poster session
13:30 Heimir van der Feest Viðarsson ‒ University of Iceland / Utrecht University
Implementing standard norms in 19th-century Icelandic: A quantitative study of student essays, newspapers and private letters
14:00 Andreas Krogull & Gijsbert Rutten ‒ Leiden University
The sociolinguistics of the schrijftaalregeling. Language policy and practice in the Northern Low Countries (1750-1850)
14:30 Karlien Franco, Dirk Geeraerts & Dirk Speelman ‒ University of Leuven
The where and the when of loanword usage in dialectal varieties
15:00 Cynthia Groff ‒ Leiden University
Language planning and language ideology: Educational implications for linguistic minorities in India, Mexico, and the Netherlands
15:30 Coffee, tea & Poster session
16:00 Marten van der Meulen ‒ Radboud University
Knowing the neighbors: Combining three different methods from perceptual dialectology in Twente and Salland
16:30 Laura Rosseel, Dirk Geeraerts & Dirk Speelman ‒ University of Leuven
What’s in a name? Degrees of explicitness in attitudes towards colloquial Belgian Dutch
17:00 Lynn Prieels, Anse Keisse & Gert de Sutter ‒ Ghent University
Audience’s perceptions and attitudes toward the use of colloquial Belgian Dutch in Flemish subtitling: Further evidence for the gradual acceptance of tussentaal Dutch
17:30 Stefan Grondelaers, Paul van Gent, Chloé Lybaert & Dirk Speelman ‒ Radboud University / University of Leuven / Ghent University
VRT-Dutch is (not) dead (yet): On the omnipotence of zombie standards
18:00 Drinks at the Esplanade café

Linda Merzougui ‒ University of the West of Scotland, Paisley
Social media and Arabic: code-switching amongst Algerian students living in the UK
Nantke Pecht ‒ Maastricht University
Grammatical features of a moribund coalminers’ variety
Jadzia Seeberger, Hedwig Sekeres & Remco Knooihuizen ‒ University of Groningen
F*cking klinkers
Melody Pattison ‒ University of York
The Achterhoeks [y] and [u] vowels: Variation and attitude judgments
Iris Van de Voorde ‒ Vrije Universiteit Brussel
De invloed van het Frans op het Nederlands: corpusonderzoek naar Franse leensuffixen in negentiende-eeuwse armenbrieven
Petra Poelmans ‒ Fontys Lerarenopleiding Tilburg
Een docent met een accent? Da kan ech nie!
Katrien Adriaensen ‒ Ghent University
Vlaamse tussentaal in Noord-Brabant
Cesko Voeten ‒ Leiden University
Dutch-Flemish differences in phonetic categories and accommodation to Standard Dutch speech
Daan Hovens ‒ Maastricht University
Euroregional integration and its impact on language


Paper sessions are in the Dante building of the Tilburg School of Humanities.

Lunch and the poster sessions (12:00-13:30) are in the foyer of the Dante building.

The address of the campus is:

Tilburg University 
Warandelaan 2 

5037 AB Tilburg

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The campus is located about five kilometers from the city centre. Find a route description on the website. Good public transport is available, either by bus or train. Sufficient and easy parking spaces are provided as well.

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Members of the Sociolinguistics Circle

Leonie Cornips ‒ Meertens Institute / Maastricht University
Stefan Grondelaers ‒ Radboud University
Nanna Haug Hilton ‒ University of Groningen
Roeland van Hout ‒ Radboud University
Remco Knooihuizen ‒ University of Groningen
Jacomine Nortier ‒ Utrecht University
Jos Swanenberg ‒ Tilburg University
Veronique De Tier ‒ Ghent University
Hans Van de Velde ‒ Fryske Akademy