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Professor Geert Vervaeke reappointed as Tilburg Law School’s Dean for 2021-2025

Published: 14th September 2020 Last updated: 18th September 2020

Professor Geert Vervaeke has been reappointed for a four-year period as the Dean of Tilburg Law School. The Executive Board has decided this, having heard the TLS School Board. Vervaeke has filled this role since April 1, 2017. Besides being Dean, Vervaeke will continue to work part-time as a professor at the KU Leuven and will become the President of the European Association of Psychology and Law at the end of this year.

In the past few years, Vervaeke has supervised a redesign of the School under the motto 'choose and invest', based on the strong foundations and tradition as regards research at our Tilburg Law School. He has stimulated sound dialog and consultation with students, among other things, in spending the revenues from the student loan system in ways that focuses on innovating education and bringing it even more in line with students’ needs and wishes.

Vervaeke is pleased with his reappointment: ‘I want to thank the colleagues and students of our School as well as the Tilburg University Executive Board for the trust they have placed in me. I look forward, with all Tilburg Law School colleagues and students, to continue on our path towards a School with an even stronger profile where everyone feels welcome and feels inspired to contribute. The Law School will also continue to look for connection, within our university, within our region, in the Netherlands as a whole, and within our international networks, together with academic partners and alumni as well as private and public partners, for the purpose of further contributing to a world which is a good place to live for everyone.’ 

Rector Magnificus Professor Sijtsma on behalf of the Executive Board: ’The Executive Board is pleased that Geert Vervaeke has agreed to serve another term as Dean. In his past term, he has proven himself to be a competent leader of the Law School and as a valuable representative of our university within and outside the world of law.”