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Educational Institute Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

The Educational Institute comprises all activities related to the Bachelor's, Pre-Master's and Master's programs.The staff of the Educational Institute are responsible for preparing and carrying out the educational policy of the faculty, which includes developing and innovating educational programs, quality control, internationalization, tutoring and program counseling, and the organization and planning of the educational program.

The Educational Institute also includes the official secretariat of the Faculty-internal Educational Consultations, the Curriculum Committee, the Examinations Committee and other forms of educational consultation. In addition, the Institute informs students and lecturers about the organization of educational matters in the faculty, which includes information about the various educational programs, the (preliminary) examinations regulations, and timetables and schedules for lectures and (preliminary) examinations.

Executive Committee Educational Institute
Educational Consulation
Board of Examiners
Curriculum Committee
Program Directors Educational Institute
Core Staff Liberal Arts and Sciences
Educational Coordinators
Counselors - Theses and PhD Candidates