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TSHD Selection “PhDs in the Humanities” 2021

Published: 07th April 2021 Last updated: 08th April 2021

This year, TSHD has again been invited to submit PhD proposals for the NWO program “PhDs in the Humanities”. A TSHD selection committee has assessed 10 PhD proposals written by (advanced) Master’s students or recent graduates. After the first assessment round, the TSHD selection committee invited 6 of the candidates to pitch their proposal. Based on this pitch session, 3 proposals were nominated for assessment by the NWO jury.

The TSHD committee consisted of the following staff members:

  • Harry Bunt (chair)
  • Odile Heynders
  • Peter Hendrix
  • Neil Cohn
  • Nathan Wildman

Based on the quality of both the candidates and the proposals, as well as the criteria set by NWO and the presentation of the proposals during the pitch, the committee has nominated the following three proposals for the national selection round:

Candidate: Marloes van Wezel
Candidate: Charlotte van Veen
Candidate: Cindy Uildriks

We wish all the candidates good luck in the further selection procedure! The outcome of the assessments will be announced this summer.

Click here for more info on the NWO website.