Tilburg University department Labour Law and Sociol Policy

Department of Labour Law and Social Policy

The department of Labour Law and Social Policy at Tilburg University hosts around 15 people staff, of which many are also occupied in educational tasks. The research at the department is as broad as the various specialties. For example, a great deal of attention goes to employers rights, law relating to dismissal, social security and the right to property, directives of the European Union, liability law for damages of employees, collective labour law, and civil servants law.

In the department, almost all sub specialties are represented, for example, employment contracts, collective labour law, the right to strike, working conditions, social security law in national and international perspective, migration law, European labour law, international labour law and human rights, and comparative labour law

Members of the department also take part in editing magazines, such as:

  • Tijdschrift Recht en Arbeid (TRA)
  • Tijdschrift Arbeidsrecht en Praktijk (TAP)
  • Tijdschrift voor Sport en Recht
  • ARBAC Journal
  • International Labor Rights Case Law journal
  • Kennisbank Rechtspositie Ambtenaren
  • Xpert HR
  • Tijdschrift Zeggenschap

The department has created a Database Labor Migration.

Many of the staff members work only part-time at the university, and combine their tasks with other jobs at ministries, temporary work agencies, as lawyers or at the judiciary system.

Working at the department of Labour Law and Social Policy means working in a productive team of specialists with extended national and international network, in which each can participate in education and research in his or her specialty.